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    I just started the Candida diet and I have a couple questions. I really am sorry if these have been answered in the past…I had a hard time finding any answers.

    1. I have not experienced any die-off symptoms other than TOTAL lack of energy. I am worried I am not doing this right (even though I am 99.9% I am). Has anyone else experienced this? What might be the cause?

    2. Is it okay to have organic yogurt with live active cultures everyday?

    3. I am taking a probiotic but I am also eating 1/2 c of Sauerkraut everyday and 1/2 c of yogurt. Is this too many probiotics?

    Thanks everyone!!!


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    1. Some people react differently and not all candida species are the same.

    2. I have greek yoghurt with live cultures everyday (I mix toasted almonds and ground ginger in with mine). But I found that if I don’t have it after a meal and just take it on it’s own I get gas and bloatedness.

    3. Too many probiotics aren’t a bad thing, you will just excrete any excess ones. And it’s recommended to take a few billion a day if you have gastrointestinal problems.


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    My die-off symptoms produce a total lack of energy. My biggest symptom is sleeping 14 hours in a day.

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