new and considering that I may be dealing with candida.

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    So I’ve done a lot of reading up on this and some of the symptoms I experience on a daily to semi daily basis. This may be long but I’m hoping those with confirmed experience can shed some light on this for me. I’ll start from the top only because this could be necessary for better understanding. About 5 months ago I suffered what I’ll call a nervous breakdown. I spent a month and a half in bed all kinds of dizzy couldn’t eat much and when I could get out and about had so much anxiety that I couldn’t function in public due to the dizziness, fear and anxiety. I was eventually able to get into a doctor who of course prescribed an antidepressant. Before I go further I want to take a brief step back and get a little personal. I’m only sharing because this is where I make the first possible connection…..about 5 or so years ago I developed a round rash similar to ringworm on my chest followed shortly by a scaly rash on my eyes,scaly flaking and itching in my private area and finally at one point i had this pretty thick in my nose and less in my ears. Fast forward and today through steroids,antibiotic creams,anti fungal creams and sprays and I’ve only ever gotten rid of the patch on my chest. All of these helped briefly and even appeared to eliminate them only to have them return in a short time period. Now the part that I believe relates this to candida….I’ve been following fairly strictly a candida diet. Essentially I don’t eat sugar or anything that turns to sugar. Here’s the kicker. I recently took an antibiotic cream for my eye rash and while doing so I said ok if this isn’t candida then eating whatever I want will not affect the healing of this rash because it’s not related. Result: after eating candy in moderation,pizza,cheetos….etc.just whatever I wanted. My groin rash went crazy itching and raw from itching flared up bad so of course did every other and while the eye rash did get “better” after the 5 day course it was of course back. Some of my other symptoms include loose stools,brain fog badly (trance like at times),inability to concentrate for long at all and frequent exhaustion(8 hrs of deskwork takes it out of me.) So I’m curious what your thoughts are for those that have had experience. I’m having a hard time getting my doctor to do the blood tests to find out for certain and at this point I’m just semi educated guessing and really hoping to find my way back to feeling like me again. :-/


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    Get tested, that’s the advice I expect everyone will give you. From personal experience I’ve found mainstream doctors to be completely useless. Once I found a good Functional Medicine Doctor (e.g a Naturopath or Homeopath) I was able to get some good advice and proper testing done.

    You mention a bull rash. Have you looked into Lyme Disease? Lyme often (but not always) begins with a bullsye-type rash.

    Good luck

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