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    I wonder…is it me, or this diet? I’ve been at this for so long, I can’t tell anymore! Are there any success stories out there? It seems this diet should really work for me as my candida problem is strictly vaginal and not systemic, but so far nada! Here’s my story:

    I’ve been suffering from chronic vaginal yeast infections for two years, and have tried both conventional and alternative methods to cure myself–this includes diflucan, yeast creams (both prescription and store bought), herbal suppositories, boric acid suppositories, and even acupuncture. I have been on an anti-candida diet this entire time, but I’ve only just managed to get the hang of it in the last 3 months (I thought so anyway).

    In that time I avoided gluten, sugars, fruit, vinegar (except apple cider vinegar, which I hear is okay), alcohol–and every other thing that the yeast feeds off of as stated by this site and a few others. I made a mistake a few times (3-4 times with a few weeks separating them), either missing an ingredient I wasn’t supposed to have in a food and eating it, or mistakenly thinking I could have milk, or unknowingly being fed something bad by my husband. Each time I went right back onto the path, sticking to my guns. For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been regularly taking acidophilus pearls (1 billion per pearl), sometimes even twice a day. I am not taking anti-fungals in pill form, but I have been eating a lot of garlic in my food, and I’ve occasionally had plain yogurt. I use truvia in my food to substitute sugar, and almond milk to substitute dairy milk. I regularly eat eggs (as much as 4 a day since I can hardly have anything else) and amaranth meal. I make brown rice “bread” (made from apple cider vinegar, truvia, vanilla extract, eggs, almond milk, baking powder, and extra virgin olive oil.) I sometimes have brown rice pasta. I eat a lot of ordinary brown rice in my dinners and lunches. I am still sexually active with my husband. I am not currently on any sort of birth control, nor am I even taking a yeast medication–the yeast always comes back, and the medicine is very uncomfortable and sometimes messy. The infections I have are usually very mild with little to no itching and a rare irritation (only really experienced during sex). Last I checked, my yeast problem has not become systemic.

    It seems sometimes that my problem just never goes away. I wonder if my “mistakes” in the past were actually completely resetting my efforts versus just setting me back a few weeks. Do I have to stay on this diet and not make a mistake for 6 WHOLE months? Is my “bread” safe to eat? Would it be better if I became a vegan!? Are colonic cleanses really necessary?? Should I stop trying to find weird substitutes and just eat raw, natural food? How can I possibly afford that?

    My most recent mistake was from learning that kamut is still a gluten food. So while the bread that I bought from the Pacific Bakery was yeast and sugar free, it still wasn’t good for me. Of course, I had a recent flare up. 🙁 It feels terrible when I have to explain to my husband that I messed up again. I’d just like to live normally for once!

    Thanks for letting me vent…


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    Please tell us everything you eat for every meal. It is very normal to fail a few times on the diet; many of us have made this mistake.

    There are a few problems with your diet and you are not doing it strictly enough. First of all checkout the allowed food list post:

    As you can see, brown rice is not allowed. It contains a small amount of starch, and a little gluten. I would avoid this until phase 2.

    Amaranth is not in the allowed food lists either; the only two flours you can have are coconut flour and buckwheat flour. Also, almond meal is allowed.

    While almond milk is better than dairy, almonds do contain small amounts of mold/fungi. If possible, save this for phase 2.

    Another major problem with your diet is that you are not taking a strong enough probiotic; you need something that is a minimum of 12-40 billion per capsule. I take one called HMF neuro and HMF forte which binds to the intestines better than any other probiotic. HMF forte is a prebiotic while HMF neuro is a probiotic. Kefir is also a natural probiotic you can make at home.

    Check your yogurt to determine how much sugar there is per serving. Greek yogurt contains 7-11g of sugar per serving and has the lowest sugar content of yogurts.

    If you are eating any veggies such as carrots and tomatoes; these are not allowed because they contain sugar. Keep you daily intake of sugar to below 25g a day if possible.

    Also, if you are drinking coffee; this can really set you back because coffee contains molds/fungi.

    Undeceonic acid SF722 is a very strong antifungal that will help kill of the candida. Molybdenum and grape bitters are also very important supplements to consider taking on the diet.

    Kamut and quinoa are not in the allowed foods list and should be avoided.

    Tell us all you eat and we can help.



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    Hi Raster

    what is that, Undeceonic acid SF722? When I google for it I dont get anything.
    Could you please send me a link to a product, so I can see if I can find it.



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    I’m confused, on this website it says that brown rice IS okay for stages 1, 2, and 3 of the diet ( Why is your information different?


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    The website’s information isn’t accurate…the forum is much stricter.

    Read this post:


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    Hey raster, thanks so much for the heads up! I KNEW something was up with the site’s diet.

    Okay, as far as things that I eat and how I usually prepare it:

    Brown rice
    Skinless chicken breasts
    Ground lean beef (or naturally fed beef with no hormones)
    Ground Turkey
    Beef steaks
    Onions (yellow, pearl, etc)
    Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened cocoa powder
    Talibut (fish)
    Brown rice crackers and chips
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Milled Flax seed (with my yogurt)
    Plain nonfat yogurt (the label reads 19g carbs and 17g of sugars)
    Brown rice pasta
    Brown rice flour
    Salted almond butter
    Sunflower butter
    Soba noodles

    Seasonings and ingredients:

    Cayenne red pepper
    Fresh lemon juice
    Marjoram Leaves
    Ground mustard
    Curry Powder (fenugreek, coriander, cumin, turmeric, red pepper, garlic, and sulfiting agents)
    Ground cumin
    Caraway Seed
    Basil Leaves
    Ground Mace
    Oregano Leaves
    Rubbed Dalmation Sage
    Vanilla extract
    Baking powder
    Salted sweet cream butter (0 carbs, 11g fat)


    Almond milk
    bottled water
    Lemongrass ginger tea
    Ginger tea
    Peppermint tea
    Chamomile tea
    Hot chocolate (with almond milk, truvia, vanilla extract, salt, and unsweetened cocoa powder)

    We usually sautee, stir fry, or bake the vegetables with the meat. We cook the rice in a rice cooker. Seasonings are added as everything is being cooked, never after. A big bowl of amaranth might see two to three packets of truvia. I don’t always, but I sometimes put in a packet of truvia with my tea. I use between 9-11 packets of truvia when making my “brown rice bread”. Now that I think on it, we never steam or eat anything raw…


    Hmm, so let me elaborate on my proportions. That seems to make a big difference too.

    4 Eggs and my brown rice bread as mentioned above (a thick slice, about 1″ thick, 5″ wide, and 2.5″ high)
    1 cup of cooked amaranth w/ 2-3 truvia packs and a small amount of almond milk.
    2 cups of plain yogurt with a small amount of milled flax seed.


    Usually dinner leftovers from the night before.
    If not then I’ll trade in one of my breakfast options up above, whichever one I didn’t have that morning.

    Smaller portion of plain yogurt either 1/2 cup or 1 full cup
    Rickeworks Brown Rice chips w/sea salt
    Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes


    Stew or stir-fry combining any of the above ingredients
    Grilled/baked Chicken breasts (just one)
    Cooked ground beef/turkey w/veggies (usually a cup’s worth)
    Brown rice (2 cup’s worth)
    Spaghetti using organic tomato sauce, veggies, ground beef/turkey and brown rice pasta. (one full plate–dunno how that would be translated into a measurement. Maybe 3-4 cups worth of spaghetti and sauce?)

    Okay, so that’s everything I can think of at the moment…Do you have any good sources for buying probiotics online perhaps? Buying it from the store gets pricey. I was using amazon because of the free shipping and deals. If I stuck this out for six months (starting today – sigh) would that work? I’m even afraid of moving to a different phase. Maybe it would be safer (if harder) to stick with phase 1 the whole way through?


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    I would cut the following food items:

    Beef: causes ammonia production and isn’t allowed on diet. All meats cause ammonia production, but beef/pork the worse; this creates and environment for candida to thrive. Stick to chicken, seafood, and turkey.

    Tomatoes: Quite a bit of sugar per serving (some tomatoes have less sugar per serving).

    Nuts: Contain mold/fungi which don’t help you on the diet, save for phase 2
    Cocoa powder: Nothing beneficial to diet

    Amaranth: Already mentioned this one.
    Almond/sunflower butter: Same thing about containing molds/fungi, save for phase 2

    Vanilla extract: Contains small amount of alcohol, try to get raw vanilla bean (1 inch is one teaspoon). Alcohol won’t set you back too much since low amount.

    Spices in general: Don’t have any “spicy” spices that are hot. If they cause mucous production then its not allowed.

    Yogurt: Contains way too much sugar, this is almost beyond the threshold of 25g per day, go for greek yogurt! Sweeten the greek yogurt with stevia.

    Try to get a different stevia: What the heck are natural flavors! Shouldn’t stevia naturally flavor itself and be the only ingredient? Trader joe’s has one that doesn’t contain any other ingredients other than stevia. Just being harsh on this one, don’t worry about it too much.

    Also, use himalayan sea salt or other natural salts instead of morton’s table salt; salt can be converted to dextrose which is a sugar. I dunno what kind you are using, but this is one thing that can be easily overlooked.

    Hot chocolate: Avoid until phase 2

    Tomato sauce: Read sugar per serving if packaged. Tomatoes should be saved for phase 2.

    Suggestions: Eat buckwheat/coconut flour bread, eat oat/rice bran (doesn’t contain gluten or starch), eat Kefir and/or make it at home (natural probiotic), eat buckwheat (doesn’t contain wheat, starch, or gluten).

    Raster’s top vitamin places:

    Here are 57 online stores that sell renewlife 50 billion probiotic:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=872&wrapid=tlif132069798964110&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=11153186122268833473&sa=X&ei=kEC4TpiSGoOWiQKI96XTAw&ved=0CGYQ8wIwAA#


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    Thanks so much raster. I showed this to my husband. It’ll be tough but we’ll work something out. I’ll post updates later.


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    okay, here’s a question: is xantham gum okay?
    also I’m confused about oat bran….what product is safe exactly?


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    fml432 wrote: okay, here’s a question: is xantham gum okay? also I’m confused about oat bran….what product is safe exactly?

    Xanthan gum is a fermented corn sugar polysaccharide. The name is taken from a strain of bacteria that’s used in the fermentation called Xanthomonas campestris. By the way, this is the same bacteria that causes black rot on broccoli and other vegetables.

    The gum is categorized as a polysaccharide because it has a long chain of three different types of sugar, all three of which are present in corn sugar.

    Organic oat bran is fine on the diet. But remember we’re not talking about the regular oat bran cereal that you find in supermarkets; this is normally sold at health food stores or online.

    Here’s a link to a safe brand.

    You can mix oat bran, coconut flour and/or buckwheat together to make bread, or you can also eat the oat bran as a hot cereal.



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    Great, thank you Able! You’re such a blessing. 🙂

    I got this bulk oat bran at my local health food market, so I’m trying it out as hot cereal.

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