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    Hey guys,
    So I started the diet two weeks ago. I just suspected that may have candida overgrowth but didn’t have all the usual symptoms. I’m 23 and I was on and off antibiotics for acne for 3 years which I suspect did damage internally and I have developed rosacea in the meantime which I feel could have been triggered by the antibiotics use. What I find strange is that before going on the diet I didn’t have much of the symptoms except for my skin issues but decided to give the diet ago to see could it help me with my skin issues.

    2 weeks into the diet without taking any anti fungals I was having what seemed to be heavy die off symptoms with very blurred vision, brainfog and general lack of energy and concentration. I also got a yeast infection in the spaces between upper and lower lips. I stuck through them for a week and a half but they were not going away. I started to notice the whites in the eyes going slightly yellow, as with my skin, very dark circles around my eyes. I feared I was jumping into the diet too quick without proper knowledge that I definitely have an overgrowth and doing damage to my body so I started to eat some grains again and fruit.

    Re-introducing the foods has definitely made me feel better but I noticed that my tongue is now a heavy coat of white which it wasn’t before I went on the diet.

    Does this all mean I actually do have an candida overgrowth? Is it possible to have side effects like this because your starving the candida without having an overgrowth?

    Any advice is much appreciated, I feel a bit lost tackling my skin problems internally as everyone I have talked to tries to put me off the idea that I can help myself with any special diets etc. But I feel my problems are coming from internal imbalances. Thanks again for any help. John.


    Now Gone
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    Hi JShan, I’ve had candida on and off all my life since my twenties and I’m now sixty three. I’ve done the candida diet many times and gotten better but it always seems to come back for me if I start not watching my diet well or I get too much stress in my life and definitely with antibiotic. I also have the tendency to get the rosacea and I will have an outbreak with eating any sugar, alcohol or stress. A teaspoon of a good apple cider vinegar in water taken internally twice a day does seem to help that the most. Anytime you get off the sugars, starches and diary if the bad yeast is too high you will experience a die-off. Some people claim that molybdenium helps with that. I haven’t tried it. Not sure about the yellowing of your eyes as I’ve never seemed to have that. That definitely points to some overload on the liver. If it clears up good, if not you might want to check it out with a doctor. Once you have candida your gut is pretty much in bad shape and it may take a year or more to get it better but it should slowly improve. I feel along with no refined carbs or sugars and diary you need to go to a very healthy whole foods primarily diet. I got pretty weak on the non-starchy diet and meat and did add back a few things like yams and butternut squash. I also do a few beans like black beans and garbonzos in a bean salad. I also do a few seed grains like quinoa, millet, amaranath and non-gluten oatmeal. I do limit the yams, squash, beans and seed grains and don’t have them everyday. What I found is really important is to take a good multi strain probiotic on an empty stomach with FOS (a prebiotic, a sugar good yeasts feed on) twice a day. Also, after my meals I take the anti-fungals oregon grape root, paul d arco, caprilic acid, oregano oil, etc. Candida is a normal part of your gut bacteria, so not a foreign invader, it’s just out of balance and releases a toxic by product that makes you sick. Also, you don’t have enough of the good guys to help your digestion and immune system. So, what I’ve found works is to get very healthy, take a good probiotic and prebiotics (yams, squash and beans also contain the prebiotic sugars), use the natural herbal anti-fungals to reduce the bad guys and get yourself back in balance.


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    Jshan: you are experiencing die-off symptoms and you do not have a detox plan. Please formulate a detox plan that involves liver cleansing herbs or sweating out the toxins to reduce symptoms. For a diagnosis I would aim for the candida complex test which determines whether you are allergic to yeast or not.

    I also recommend professional advice on getting better because it is hard to treat yourself and get better on your own. You need a specific diet, treatment plan, and timeline to get better for your own symptoms and each of us have our own version of candida overgrowth. You need something tailored to your needs, symptoms, and problems.



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    Jshan, there is a critical aspect that I see seldomly mentioned: low carb diets encourage yeast overgrowth.

    The body needs starch to keep yeast under control. That’s why we need quinoa or lentils or some tolerable whole food starch in our diet.


    Now Gone
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    Yes, there are certain sugars the good yeasts feed on and need to repopulate the gut. They are called prebiotics or resistant starches. The sugars in these types of foods are long chains oligosaccharides and are contained in yams, squash, lentils, etc.

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