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    Hello Everyone, I am hoping that someone could help me. I am in the stage of preparing myself to start the diet. I am confused about one thing, it maybe easily explained on the website but all the information is a bit overwhelming.

    Ok, so my question is: for the 1st week of the Detox (Step 1), are you not supposed eat/drink anything expect the Detox Drink, Broth soup & the Liver Flush Drink. *I am opting out of the colonic irrigation. I understand that in the 2nd & 3rd week I can reintroduce certain foods in the Detox stage.

    I am feeling a bit defeated already if this is what I need to survive off of for one week.


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    have faith! the body is amazing: i’m on detox day four and feeling okay. yesterday was by far the worst day, i think i was having “die off” symptoms (nausea, itching, woosiness, crying/laughing for no reason) and i tried to sleep alot. I woke up this morning a little shaky and went to teach a yoga class that helped, i’m feeling energetic and alert.

    On days when i teach yoga i DO supplement my detox and veggie drinks with a about 1/2 cup of Garbanzos/Lentils for protein in the morning. these arnt allowed on week one, but are okay for weeks 2 and 3 so i’m hoping it will still be affective. ????


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    Hi Magnolia,
    Don’t be disheartened. I must admit i had the same feelings when beggining and am now finishing my 5th day of wk 1 cleanse ( I did do a whole week prior but gave in and ate 3 times ) I found for me that doing the clonics ( forking out the money ) is what has given me the incentive not to give in this time. I must admit though I can not wait till wk one is over and i can start introduncing foods.
    Best of luck on your journey.

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