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    Just purchased Dr. Bronner’s fresh-pressed virgin coconut oil and it’s whole kernel unrefined. Just wondering if this is ok to take a full tbsp of? It’s kind of pasty when i take a scoop of it.

    Also wondering if it’s ok to dissolve it in my camomille tea? Or will that effect the nutrients that i need?


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    Coconut oil is practically invincible, that’s why it’s so healthy, and why even the refined one is okay to eat, unlike almost any other oil. So yeah, do what you want with it.


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    I dissolve my virgin coconut oil in warm water or chamomile tea regularly. I don’t really like the flavor of the chamomile tea so the coconut oil helps give it a better taste (i think). I also sauté all of my vegetables in coconut oil. It’s great for greasing pans too because it has such a high smoke point.
    I buy my coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. They have a great product. With my first order, I got a book ALL about the benefits of coconut oil and the many ways to use it.
    Also, it makes a great chapstick. There are so many uses for coconut oil. The other day, I read a blog where a lady used coconut oil for homemade suppositories. I thought that was such a good idea!

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