Need Advice Please-Taken 2 weeks Diflucan-infection lingers in toe

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    Okay, I need a little advice here. To start, besides having gone to a naturopath, I also went to my regular dr and got a prescription for a 2 week protocol of Diflucan (200 mg first day, 100 thereafter) While I have made awesome progress, I could feel the candida lingering and the natural approach wasn’t working for me 100%.

    About 8 years ago (ish), I got a pedicure at a mall salon. I feel that this is where my problems started. My nails yellowed, ridges developed, my skin began peeling around my toenails and one spot had a reoccurring infection. Not to be gross, but the nail would be crumbly near the infected spot and the actual spot would swell and is always tender. I’ve always had yeast infection issues, but this pedicure seems to be where all of this took flight in my system.

    So now, the nail infection is almost cleared-up, but not gone. If I stop the diflucan now, am I creating a resistant bacteria. Rather, do I need to go back for another prescription?

    My dr. knew nothing about this condition, but was willing to learn and accept my request for meds, given the progress I’ve made so far. I have provided him with articles and he has been wonderfully supportive.

    And I am currently taking SF722 (70 Euros!!!) and Oregano Oil. I’m resuming coconut oil today and increasing my garlic and onion consumption. I also make my own coconut milk kefir. But should I take more Diflucan? I really tried to go the all-natural route for a long while because I was worried of creating more problems, in the long run, than I was solving.

    My naturopath says that healing my liver will treat the underlying issue, but I am only a couple weeks into that. My stomach bloating has decreased, and for the first time in years, I can take a deep breath. Before, my breath would get caught right above my belly-button.

    Thanks in advance for your input

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