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    Hi, my name is Adriana, I’m 35 years old and I believe I have Candida since I have many symptoms since about 5 years ago, such as bloating, itching, chronic fatigue, earache and body pain and I need to do something about it as it’s getting worse. Does anybody know of a good Candida doctor in Denver, CO or what type of doctor I should look for? I’ve read a lot about candida and I know I should start right away with a Candida diet but I also know I should be monitored by a maybe naturist doctor to take natural pills such as, garlic, oregano, probiotics, etc. Thank you so much.


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    Hi! I just found out I had Candida today, because I finally went and saw someone about various problems I’ve been having, and the place I went in Denver (visiting my folks) was AWESOME. They did a consultation with me totally helped me find the right formula and supplements to start fighting the candida. I don’t work there or anything I was just doing research and I saw your post 🙂 here is the website – The Green Herb the woman I spoke to was Linda, and they also did a blood analysis to confirm the candida, totally painless, takes five minutes and was only $50! totally worth it. It’s very cool to see your own blood tell you what’s going on in your body! Good luck hope this helps!

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