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    carla mc
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    this may seem like a dumb question but…when using the search function on the forum,i usually just get the question part of the i search for magnesium, lots of stories& other questions regarding the search term come up but never the reply to the questions…is there something i’m missing?


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    Well there once was a time for this forum before me and able were here, and those posts typically were left unanswered. If you check out the first posts with the >> button, its pretty interesting to go back in time.



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    Hi, Carla. Not a dumb question at all.

    Sometimes searching for information and answers is frustrating on forums, but forums are a little like search engines; and I’ve found that the fewer words I use on search engines the more likely I am to find what I’m looking for. Instead of typing an entire question, just type one or two words concerning what you’re searching. If you want to limit the search to answers only instead, you could try typing in one of the expert’s user names in the “Posted by” section of the search page. That way, hopefully, you’ll have a better chance of receiving information instead of another question.

    Good luck on that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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