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    The antifungals my doc prescribed are finished and I’d rather take natural ones now. I’ve read that if you opt for caprylic acid it’s best to get the sustained release tablets. Has anyone tried any of the suggested natural antifungals and what do you think of them?


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    Hi Lily,
    I’ve just started on the candida diet and my naturopath recommended caprylic acid but you can also get another natural product from the health food store called –
    “Bactrex” by Metagenics. It attacks fungi and bad bacteria in the small intestine. I’m planning on going on these too, so i can hit the candida hard!
    Cheers Ivy


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    I’m going to be starting Myrrh after I’ve been on the diet for another week. I’ve heard it works really well. Then next month (since you’re supposed to rotate) I’ll take Spilanthes. They’re both Herb Pharm brand and available on


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    This is my secnod go around on Stage 1 because I had to have an antibiotic when I was 5 weeks in the last time :/ I used both garlic capsules and just straight up coconut oil by the teaspoonful (I know, not appetizing). I’m expecting a baby and wanted to first try antifungals that were 100% approved for pregnancy. I wasn’t sure if the coconut oil and garlic were doing anything, though. Hard to say what was from the diet and what was from the antifungals, you know? By Week 5, I was feeling really awesome. A noticeable difference! Then… I needed the antibiotic 🙁

    Well, after the antibiotic, I started from square one with the diet but did not go back on the antifungals right away. I waited 2.5-3 weeks to let the strict diet take care of some of the yeast that had *obviously* had a heyday with the antibiotic meds. So, at the end of last week, I started just with the garlic capsules – 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I had die off on Sunday and Monday! I was really surprised. Not sure why I was surprised, but I was 😉 So, all this to say, I think the garlic capsules are actually doing something good! It isn’t just the diet after all.

    I’ll wait another week and a half or so and then I’ll add in the coconut oil again. I took a rounded teaspoon about 3x per day last time.

    Hope this helps!

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