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    Hey, so I’m finally over the dental infection and starting to make up some progress I lost to the antibiotics. I saw an acupuncturist/herbalist today and the acupuncture seemed to help in a lot of ways. He thinks I might be iron deficient which I will need a supplement for. I might have blood work done in a couple of weeks to confirm it. He also suggested starting l-glutamine and/or risotriene to help heal my leaky gut. He gave me this supplement called clear and calm for my urinary symptoms and my anxiety. I’m a little worried about it because there’s so many herbs I’m unfamiliar with in it but he thinks it will really help. Here’s the link.

    Also here’s a link for risotriene.

    The guy has a masters in eastern medicine and acupuncture so I’m sure he has some good input, but he’s not an ND so I don’t want to go taking all his advice and get off track. What do you guys think of all this? And do you think these supplements are a good fit?



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    The Clear & Calm is a concoction of Chinese herbs most of which I have no information on so I can’t help you there.

    All I know about the Risotriene is it’s a soluble extract from stabilized rice bran and is considered to be a ‘super food’ in eastern medicine. I doubt it would hurt and may even help with your die-off symptoms such as brain fog.



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    Don’t supplement iron without getting tested first. It’s highly toxic in the wrong amount and accumulates, unless you’re a regular blood donor/woman.

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