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    Alright, so Ive been battling the whole yeast/c.diff/ulcerative proctitis issue since late 2006 (this is when i realized something was wrong, s/s of colitis started here. I had an early sign though, just didnt recognize it….I had gotten ring worm on my neck, began having seb derm/keratosis pilaris (dont really know which one and docs dont either), fatigue, joint pain which i never ever had, and the worse thing, my digestive issues got way worse.

    So, I have had many test throughout the years and some of the results are as follows:

    C. Albicans IGM blood value = 1.2 – Normal is 1 or below. Quest Labs

    3,4 Dihydroxyphenlpropionate (Clostridial Species) – 1.53 – Normal is <0.12 This was extremely high my test stated. This was done through Metametrix and is a urine test that test the byproducts. It stated this is associated with intestinal bacterial overgrowth/clostridial species. They recommended I take S.boulardii which i have on and off and recently started taking high does again for the last month. It hasnt helped but I know it will prob take time. I may even try an s.boulardii enema and see how that works.

    Mercury levels slightly high through metametrix. being i have digestive issues and have used antibiotics like accutane, I’m not suprised.

    Small INtestinal BActerial OVergrowth Breath Test = positive. Done through a hospital in philadelphia. I had instinct effects when I drank all that sugar. It actually knock me out and i feel asleep (not normal).

    Ive had a stool test done (cant find the company and results sheet) but it stated a +1 for both yeast and bacilli out of 4, so that actually wasnt as high as I thought it would be. These test were all done within the last 4 years.

    So, I dont know what the hell to do, I really dont. I may get the metametrix test done again to see where I”m at and any new things come up. Its expensive, about 600 from my doc.

    Will a food allergy test help? The allergy test that test reactions over 2-3 days? Can someone recommmend a company?

    Thank you all and hope this was a good read or interesting, cause ive always believed I have some crazy thing going on with my body. How yeast and bacteria can really alter the body blows my mind still to this day. I sit here typing this and my face and head are itching like crazy b/c of my seb derm… Just annoying; Who knows!!!


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    Freakzilla wrote: Will a food allergy test help? The allergy test that test reactions over 2-3 days? Can someone recommmend a company?

    I used a company called ALCAT. Via a blood test, I was tested for sensitivites to foods, additives, chemicals and pollens etc. Out of 200 items, I tested positive to well over half — definitely not normal. As part of the program, you’re placed on a 4-day rotation diet, so you exclude the foods you reacted to and then rotate your ‘okay’ foods every 4 days. After a week, I started reacting to foods on my ‘okay’ list. That’s when I knew there was something else going on with my body and ultimately tested positive for candida (and leaky gut). The ALCAT diet definitely helped me prior to getting on the strict candida diet, but I would pose this question: Why invest the money (it’s expensive) and time, without first doing another stool test for candida? Food sensitivies go hand-in-hand with a bad leaky gut. Here’s the ALCAT website: Good luck!


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    I just read your post and I have results very similar to yours. C. Albicans was +1 (and that’s right after Diflucan for 14 days) and Clostridial species was 1.50. I’ve been dealing with this since this Spring (although really for several years now. It’s just that I’ve only known that it was bacterial overgrowth and yeast just this year). I’m still very ill and am making very little (if any) progress. I’ve been told recently by my chiropractor that I’ve tested positive for Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and fibromyalgia. I’m wondering about diabetes as well as I have several of the symptoms. Anyway, I am on Diflucan and following the diet and candida protocol (except where my doctor’s opinion differs–sometimes it’s hard to know whose advice to take!). Anyway, I’m wondering if you ever got any responses to your post. It doesn’t appear that you did but maybe I’m missing something. I’m still not good with using the “search” feature. :o)Let me know. Thanks!

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