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    I just recently became a member on this site. I have been on the strict diet for a week. I am having digestion problem which causing me feel nausea. I also have constipation and hardly having one BM. I am even taking triphla, Hulda hump seeds. This what I am eating daily:

    1000 mg chlorella
    I glass lemon water
    One spoon of triphla
    1 tablet of S722
    Omelete of three eggs with spinch and onions.
    4 tbs of coconut oil
    Molybdenum 250mcg and 1 milk thistle

    1000 mg chlorella
    I bowl of fried vegetables in coconut oil
    Molbdenum amino acid chelate 250 mcg and 1 milk thistle
    15 drope of organo oil

    Snack : 2 sticks of asparagus and 1 glass lemon water
    Handful of hump seeds

    Soup of vegetables
    1 milk thistle
    Handful of hump seeds
    1 tablet of S722

    My head seem to be getting better but I don’t feel like eating anything. 2 days ago I had Brussels sprout that gave me very strong die off sympotms: fever, muscle ache etc. please help me if I am doing anything wrong.

    Thanks in advance


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    I would check out this constipation remedies post:

    I think you should try to eat more food if possible; try to double what you are eating if you can stomach it.

    If you don’t poop, the toxins will remain in the body.



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    It sounds to me like you are taking an awful lot of oregano oil… Perhaps you ought to tone down a little bit on that..


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    Try to space your pills out.. 8am&8pm
    If you can’t poop out the toxins try a hot bath with epsom salts to sweat it out. Also coconut oil swishing orally for 20 or 30 minutes can pull a lot of toxins. Drink plenty of water all through the day. Some yoga poses help and chammomile or peppermint tea. Is your morning lemon water hot? This works wonders for me


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    Thanks guys for helping me. Hot lemon juice really helped me with constipation. Too much organo oil was giving me digestion problem. Today I attended yoga class for an hour .. This helped lot.

    I really appreciate for your suggestions. I” ll post back if I get any other problem.

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