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    Hi I think I have candida because I have some symptoms like eye floaters, tinnitus, zero libido, some erectyle problems, urination problems like it takes some seconds before the urine starts. Plus I’m young just 20 years old. I don’t have Amalgam silver. I came to the conclusion I may have candida because I saw one guy on propeciahelp forum that cured all his symptoms specially the sexual ones by eating a strict diet with no Sugar and no carbohidrates. Also he took some medicines and chinese herbs that made him poo 5 times per. day and even some day he said that he did it 12 times.

    I will post my symptoms here to better reading.

    1 – Waking up tired everyday with no morning erection
    2 – Brain Fog
    3 – Eye Floaters
    4 – Tinnitus (ear ringing)
    5 – Difficult to sleep
    6 – Anxiety
    7 – No Orgasm
    8 – Mucus in my throat like a smoker person (I don’t smoke)
    9 – Since I’m following the strict diet my bowel movement decreased, pooping once every 3 days. (Eating vegetables and meat).
    10 – Reduced ejaculation volume, watery semen, delayed urination.

    He said that now he lives a normal life eating everything and no need to supps or meds.

    I’d like to know some things. Is possible to cure floaters and tinnitus by treating candida?

    What can I eat? I saw that lemon helps, can I eat orange too or it has too much sugar?

    Reading his recovery topic gave me so much hope. I’m applying progesterone cream 5mg and thinking about to supplement maca too. It helped me with energy, brain fog and noturnal erections.

    I don’t really know if I have candida or dysbiosis. How can I know for sure? My symptoms are from a candida suffer? I saw that comprehensive parasitology test is good to know how to eliminate it. So I have a doubt is it better poop or urine test? Once recovered will I be able to eat carbs and sugar again like a normal person?

    Please Dvjorge if you read this try to give me any advice here or curezone. Same nickname.

    Thank you very much!


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    When do you have the mucus in your throat? Is that during the day, or especially when you wake up in the morning?

    If you have a partner that sleeps with you, you could ask her or him whether you snore, and whether you may have sleep apnea. These may affect some of the symptoms you describe.



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    Well I recommend consuming some carbs if you do this diet because you’ll need them for your general health.

    Not everything is candida and this is typically a complex of problems all wrapped up into one. For instance the anxiety and sleeping could be related to brain health and fatty acids could aid in healing your brain.

    The sexual stuff could be related to too much activity. If you take a break from being sexually active, this should rebound pretty fast from my experience.

    The mucous could be related to allergies which could be related to inflammation.

    Hope this helps. Healing takes a long time so don’t expect immediate improvements.


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