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    I have been on and off antibotics for 12 years. From age 13 to 25. I have been on and off birth control and have done 3 rounds of Accutane (my parents and I combined have spent well into the $10,000 range on ance products (internal and topical ) over the last decade . All for my skin. When I was younger I had a face covered in white heads and black heads. As I have gotten older it looks more like subhorric dermatitis with acne mixed in. My face goes through cycles which made me think at one point it was hormonal.

    As a child I lived off a high carb diet. Cleaned it up drastically in high school to complex carbs and whole grains. In college downed lots of alcohol and fast food when hung over. I was a gymnastic for 12 years and a collegiate track athlete, so always in good shape despite a binge diet from time to time.

    Now I own my own fitness studio and have learned so much about the food going into my body.

    Still having crazy breakouts though. I was about to finally give in and go on my 4th round of accutane when I came across this forum. I immediately cleaned up my already strict diet to be more Candida killing friendly. Thus cut out the mounds of PB i was eating, granola, fruit, blue corn chips, alcohol, mushrooms, etc. I realized the decade of antibotics had caused the over growth, combined with my pour diet growing up.

    My symptoms:
    -Seb dermatitis
    -horrible brain fog
    – carb cravings
    – extreme dizziness if I do not eat for a couple hours

    I meet with a Naturopathic Doctor out of KY (Homeopathy is within the scope of her practice) (DEGREES: CHARTERED HERBALIST, CLINICAL NUTRITION, NATUROPATHIC DR., EMT, ACUTONICS , amongst other things) over the phone, who dealt with her own candida overgrowth and is an expert on it. She helped my schedule my supplements which has been the biggest question for me. This women is a family friend who works on my mother and we both trust her very much. I hate I didn’t think to go to her sooner. I guess we learn the hard way.


    -Solar Ray Yeast Cleanse (10 days around full moon – explained below)
    -Garden of Life Anti- Fungal (10 days around full moon – explained below)
    -Garden of Life Women Probiotic (refrigerated) – (every day)
    -Garlic Tablets – ( every day)
    -Advocare Core Plex (multi vitamin) – (every day)
    – NAC 15 ( will get the full supplement name when I get home) — Fights die off effects

    She told me that taking the Yeast Cleanse and Antifungals is most effective around the Lunar Tide. Thus the 3 days before, and the 10 days after the full moon of the month. I know that sounds a little out there for those not familiar with the lunar tide effects of our body, but do some research if you are unsure. This month it is August 10th. Thus I take my Yeast Cleanse and Anti Fungals from August 7th to the 17th.

    I take Probiotics every day – She advised getting what is refrigerated at the health food store. She knows the owner of Garden of Life brand and trusts those products. I take my CorePlex (multivitamin) everyday. She said the added garlic tablets was not necessary but I do it anyway.

    I asked about rotating Yeast cleanse tablets and anti fungals – again she said not necessary but advised I can substitute grapeseed extract for the yeast cleanse tablets from time to time.

    She recommended NAC 15 supplements to counter act the “hang over ” feeling I get when Candida is dying off. I get real nauseous. She said bc when it is dying off it releases the same chemical that your body releases during a hang over and the NAC 15 will neutralize that…….. (HANGOVER CURE! She said if you know you are going to over indulge in alcohol, take this the day of to help with hangover next day… nice).


    She said candida can lay dormant in your system for 2 years. Thus my plan is to stay on this strict diet for a month or two, then slowly add back in the things we can. She recommended adding back in one thing at a time for 3 days in a row, then wait and see how my symptoms are the next three days. The 10 days that I am taking Antigals and yeast cleanse she recommended to revert back to the strict part of the diet. I plan on doing this as best I can over the next two years.

    I believe it is worth it. I have only been doing this a week and already my skin is so much better. –SO MUCH BETTER. My die off has many just been nausea.

    I have switched my skin care to the OCM (oil cleansing method). Google it. Sounds scary but my skin hasn’t been this good in years.
    (* all products below are organic / cold pressed)

    -I will put local honey on my face for 20 minutes a day and then wash off. ( she recommended this with frankiseynse added)
    – At night I will mix Castor oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil (50/25/25) and put on face, steam with wash cloth and then sleep in the rest.
    – I use coconut oil as a moisturizer in the morning
    – I sometimes use water/apple cider vinegar as a toner.

    When I tell you I have use EVERY topical product from least expensive to most – I have. This is the best system I’ve ever done. Google OCM for various ideas on what would be best for your type skin.

    RIght now I am eating organic meats, veggies (only the ones we can) and raw almonds and eggs. I’m over it but I know its worth it. I am going as strict as possible. No caffeine either 🙁 . She recommended adding Spirulina to my diet for energy. I am taking in powdered form, putting in teas but it also comes as a supplement. I found at my local health food store.

    I hope this helps. If you would like more info on the Doctor, I will contact her seeking permission to give out her contact info , though she is pricy . $75/ hour, she may do a half hour consult over the phone if you need/ want one.

    I will update on my progress bc only time will tell, but so far I am loving my results.


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    Garden of life is a pretty good probiotic. In time, I would consider rotating to HMF neuro and try out boulardii sometime.

    I would ask her about SF722 also.

    Glad you are feeling better. I recommend liver cleansing herbs to help with die-off such as milk thistle. I would also ask your ND about this.


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