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    hi everyone
    I said i would report back on my experience using the doctor robert becks zapper, i got it from zota. Its basically an electromagnetic pulser you attach to your ankles on the pulse points. It literally zaps candida, viruses and pathogens as it passes by in the blood.
    I had awful candida for a long time and started the diet last December. i am still on the diet but now have lots of rice milk and soda bread without problems.
    For the last 3 weeks i have used the zapper daily and already the allergies i had have gone. i also had a large fungal skin infection on my bottom and it is clearing up. As far as i am concerned the zapper is brilliant. I caught a cold and it lasted a few hours and went.
    I would recommend this to everyone but only in conjunction with the diet


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    Can you explain a little more.

    What websites might there be to research this?
    where did you get it from?
    how much did it cost?
    How long where you using it before you noticed a difference?


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    Good luck zapping the candida in your internal organs!


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    Question, please. Does the zapper know the difference between disease-causing bacteria and our beneficial bacteria, or does it just aim for every living microorganism in the body?


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    hi there
    Its true Able that is cant discriminate between say candida and beneficial bacteria which is why its important to take probiotics too.
    I got mine from sota online for about £120. its expensive but if it works it works.
    It was a few days before i noticed an improvement but i had a die off for about 5 days, there are other things they suggest using such as colloidial silver which you can make yourself with the zapper using the rods you get with it.
    my partner also made me a zapper that you use directly over your internal organs.

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