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    Hi all,

    Glad to be here and reading all of your stories and advice.

    I think I have a candida problem as a lot of the symptoms tally.

    I’m a 36 year old male and since I can remember I’ve had athlete’s foot, mainly just between two toes the skin would crack open and be very sore, so in the past I’d just buy athlete’s foot spray, and use it every day until the crack healed, then I’d stop using the spray.

    But it would keep coming back, and when I think about it now, it’s probably been happening constantly on and off for half my life.

    I live in Hong Kong now since 2011, and for the last 5 years I have suffered from Rosacea, with some big flare ups from certain situations – too much alcohol during a big night out, too much junk food, and/or too much stress.

    A bad flare up would result in lots of red spots all over my forehead. This still happens often now, and I look awful when it does happen, it’s very noticeable.

    I also suffer from bad flushing, and I’ve had red cheeks for maybe the past 10 years. With stress the flushing is worse, or from being hot. I can feel it when it happens, like my cheeks are on fire.

    I’ve tried every kind and and brand of moisturiser, none of them work, most just make it worse, even the ones for Rosacea or sensitive skin.

    In the last 2 years I clearly developed a fungal nail infection just in my right big toe nail, which then spread less severely to my left big toe nail.

    I took a course of antibiotics from a dermatologist over 3 months, and it was clearly helping, my toe nails were getting better, and the skin on my feet was getting softer and less peeling. Eventually the skin on my feet was great, soft and smooth, no peeling at all.

    Before I went to the dermatologist my skin was peeling badly on my feet all the time. I’d trim bits off with nail scissors, I’d peel it off with tweezers, I’d moisturise, I tried everything, but nothing helped.

    The dermatologist told me it was part of the athlete’s foot problem. So when I thought about it again, I’ve probably been living with this problem too half my life.

    It’s almost a year since I went to that dermatologist, after taking the final dose of the antibiotics I didn’t bother going back, as I could see it was working, and I presumed this course of medicine would heal the problem with my toe nails and foot skin for good.

    But I have a feeling it’s coming back now, the skin on my feet seems to be getting thicker again, with a yellow tinge. I don’t think my toe nails ever fully healed, although they’re not too bad to look at.

    Finally, since being with my wife for 2 years, I seem to have regular bouts of thrush after unprotected sexual intercourse with her, I’m not sure if it’s me that’s the problem here, or her, or both of us. It would usually go away by itself after a few days, or I’d use Canestan cream if very sore and itchy to help.

    But for maybe almost a year now I seem to have permanent thrush on the head of my penis. Like a constant redness from the bottom of the head to almost the top, and itchy all the time. It just won’t go away. I’ve stopped trying with creams etc, and have just accepted it now.

    But it’s worrying me now as if it’s now constantly there, it must mean my problem is getting worse, or at a more serious level, as it’s no longer going away by itself, like it used to..

    Regarding my diet, I try to eat quite healthy during the week, fruit for breakfast sometimes, or porridge with milk and honey, lunch would be rice or salad with meat or fish, dinner would be similar.

    I stopped drinking alcohol 70 days ago, for different reasons really, more to do with abusing it too much and blacking out.

    I have tended to binge on junk food at weekends, after eating quite healthy all week I’d want pizza, burgers, sandwiches, curry with naan bread, chocolate, cake, biscuits, crisps, ice cream, cookies, etc. Then there’d be another Rosacea flare up often.

    I don’t drink much water. This should be an easy one to fix, but I guess I’m just lazy and don’t care enough about my health to try harder. I often forget at work and just concentrate on getting stuff done. I’d say I only drink maybe 2 pints of water a day, which is around 1 litre maybe.

    Before I got married, when I lived alone I’d often get through a day having drunk no water, and would then go to a bar and drink 5+ pints of beer, or 1-2 bottles of wine at home. At least I am doing better in that area now having given up alcohol recently.

    So I know my diet needs to be improved, and I’m not helping myself with the weekend binging on junk food. Other people seem to be able to live in similar ways without any noticeable problems though.

    Having read about Candida over the last week online, it seems that I’ve suffered with most of the major symptoms.

    Stress is definitely a bad one, as I run a small company here, and I’m constantly stressed and depressed.

    Someone I know here runs a health and vitality clinic where they help people to find and eliminate the root cause of these kind of skin problems, so I have given him a brief overview of my problems, and he said I should come in for an appointment, and they can discuss what kind of tests are available, as I mentioned I’d read recently that you can get tests to check if you’re allergic to certain foods, or to check what you should remove from your diet.

    I’m booked in with him next Fri, so hopefully I can find the problem and then work on slowly improving my health to eliminate these problems.

    Any advice or suggestions on what I can do myself to help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have read about the diet plan, what to remove etc, what to eat and drink, and what herbal supplements to take, so I was planning on just doing that myself to start with, but I guess having the appointment at this health centre will give me a clearer direction.

    Thanks for reading.



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    I don’t drink much water. This should be an easy one to fix, but I guess I’m just lazy and don’t care enough about my health to try harder. I often forget at work and just concentrate on getting stuff done. I’d say I only drink maybe 2 pints of water a day, which is around 1 litre maybe.

    Try keeping a large bottle on your desk at work. That way its right in front of you all the time.

    The combination of skin issues and thrush definitely make it sound like Candida might be the underlying issue. Let us know what tests you do, and what the dr says!


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    Thanks Wiley.

    I know this type of clinic will be expensive, amongst the multiple test costs, but what price do you put on your health?

    I’d rather come to a conclusion ASAP with some expert advice rather than guess my way through it slowly myself.

    I’ve read a lot of great advice already on this forum though recently, so there’s definitely a lot of healthy directions I can start to go in now with small changes, one way or the other.

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