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    Where to start….my story…….

    I’m a newbie here…..please forgive this post or my lack of awareness about protocol (please excuse the TMI yet, it’s all part of why I’m here posting for help and will help others have a better grasp of what got me here/how/why’s when proffered advice isn’t immediately acted upon).

    Having been an unknowing Candida patient for probably off/on most of my life and didn’t have a clue. Signs in childhood. Since I most likely grew up with Candida to some degree, I hadn’t a clue people didn’t feel like I did when they ate; I thought that’s how everyone felt from eating, thus I was never a big “foodie”. I just threw calories down the shoot and kept on going even though I would be doubled over in pain within a hour after eating on so many occasions it became a natural state.

    My first real “unknowing” signs seem to be in the late 80’s when I was dx’d with duodenumitis which I got “under control” through diet and life style changes to some degree.

    In the mid 90’s, my tonsils were removed due to what was called strep living in them but, now I think it was Candida. For about six months I was fighting “strep” and having back to back rounds of antibiotics to treat it. Even broad spectrum gram positive followed by a round of gram negative antibiotics prior to surgery. Looking back, even though it wasn’t apparent at the time to me, my diet has been dismal and heavily laced with a sweet tooth which I fight to this day. (candida tooth, perhaps?)

    I always fought “winter” colds, though I think those were Candida effects due to cold/dampness and getting “run down”. More like I was always one step from being run down and it didn’t take much to throw me over the cliff to being ill. To this day, cold/wet weather makes me feel bad.

    2003 was when everything came apart. I was suffering from sinusitis back to back and on antibiotics almost as soon as I got off one round and started the next. Weird things were going on, like having to take a nap or be doubled up in pain after eating. I even woke up from a slumber IN the act of vomiting after eating mac/cheese.

    Then, presto, I woke up one morning after a day of drinking margaritas feeling like something was terribly wrong. That night, waking up with the sweats I stumbled to the ER and they didn’t know what to do with me. They kept me overnight and the morning surgeons looked at the CAT scans telling me they wanted to hospitalized me on drop IV’s for a period of time. Apparently, my ileum swelled up and shut off my GI completely. Approx 4 days later, things cleared enough that I talked my way out of the hospital and got back at work. At the two week follow up, things just weren’t right even to my already mis-view of what was “right” in my mind from my prior life experience.

    That lead to going to a couple of GI dr’s who thought I had Crohn’s disease based on the location of the swelling when I went to the ER. A Crohn’s specialist put me on immune suppressants and I got worse. A whole bunch of tests were ran and up popped TB which has never been in my lungs, yet was told I had TB of the GI and placed on the harsh 4 antibiotic cocktail for 6 months. I was horribly sick during that period and fell from 190 lbs at the ER visit to the low 120 lbs (approx 6’1″).

    I went to several ID Dr’s to make sure the GI Dr. hadn’t messed me up with TB and was told there was no concern with TB. Eventually, I was accepted by another top GI Dr. who tried a round of gram+ then a round of gram- antibiotics before throwing up his hands. We petitioned the Mayo clinic and were turned down. Was sent to yet another GI Dr who was pioneering a GI breath test who dx me for a bacterial overgrowth and placed me on 15 days of Vivonex to starve the bacteria. At the next breath test I was told, “you are cured. Isn’t that great news!” Only, I knew something wasn’t right. After more tests they said, “the biopsy’s came back positive for Celiac.” I was placed on a Celiac diet which didn’t really help much as things weren’t “right”.

    As a side note, upon scanning my med rec’s I don’t have a clue why that Dr. said, “the biopsies are back. You have celiac.” since the operation report stated NO BIOPSIES WERE TAKEN. Go figure. Just another Dr. grasping at what they “knew” rather than the facts as presented which has lead to so many mis-dx’s. In fact, I stumbled on why the one Dr thought I had TB of the ileum; Mycosis will make a TB skin test turn positive; not saying I haven’t been exposed to TB but, rather the HUGE lump from the skin test was probably due to Candida/Mycois rather than TB exposure – (have seen several posts in this forum about others proving positive with the Tb skin test, mycosis/candida seems to be worthy to pass along) – Long story short, I have been through the ringer several times over and over again.

    Since then, it was thrown up to being a mysterious Gi disorder and sought help through a pain clinic to lead a more comfortable “life”. I was told I was coping well all considering through distracting myself with hobbies trying to keep busy. Money ran out so, I can only do what I can afford presently which makes it hard to go for more drs/tests/nutritionists and buy all these AC products.

    Through what I consider divine intervention, last summer I realized there was a key link between my pets and myself (have since surrendered them to a rescue). They had been diagnosed with a “rare yeast/fungus” issue some years back which I was again treating them for when things clicked. I got their vet records and took them to my PD saying, “this is a key, to what door I don’t know”. Dr. Crooks’ yeast connection questionnaire came back off the charts and I was put on a multi-pronged Metagenic’s therapy, along with their “shopping list”.

    Round one went horribly wrong as I was about to vomit all the time, feeling very sick. I lost a lot of weight, not that I had much to spare to start with. That ended round one. I loaded up weight through sugar (stupidly) to attempt additional rounds. The same phenomena happened and the Metagenic’s protocol ended up in the waste basket. I wasn’t even sure if Candida was true as I never did any research beyond Dr. Crooks yeast connection book, as it would only serve to depress me considering the vast number of mis-dx’s I had which proved false in the years prior which I embraced at the time of the dx. A friend even sent me something saying Dr. Crook’s theory was debunked as a quack. I didn’t know what to believe. I was kind of lost there.

    Around the turn of this year, I was trying a healthier “somewhat” AC diet. More varied foods than I had tried since the hospitalization in 2003, based on a celiac’s/”eat right for your blood type” approach the only GOOD nutritionist I worked with since ’03 me on years ago, the Metagenic’s supplied “shopping list” and helpful people’s insights; kind of making it up myself along the way along with advice from the health food store nurtitionists. Still things would just sit at my ileum, like a baby bump (I’m male), from it not being a true AC diet. Up until then I had relied upon softer “easier to digest foods”, supplemental vits and, heavily supplemented with Adult Nutritional beverages, yogurt and milk being my primary protein sources through the 8 plus years. And, sugar laced COFFEE being my rocket fuel…….bad bad bad…..(stopped coffee/caffeine earlier this year).

    The change in diet helped greatly with the fresh foods and junking the AB’s but weird things were going on. I was losing LOTS of weight in a short period, was getting woozy just walking or standing up suddenly would find me crashing to the ground with what I thought was some kind of head rush if I stood took suddenly, waking up with horrible lower leg cramps EVERY NIGHT (have almost always had lower extremity pain since the ’03 hospitalization), irrational cloudy thinking and all sorts of hard to explain maladies which weren’t things I had experienced prior. I just wasn’t myself at all, not sure I am now. I also took myself off all Dr prescribed/monitored pain & sedation rx’s around the turn of the year as well so perhaps that played into it. Presently, I take advil for pain and, melatonin, valerian root and otc sleep aids fpr insomnia, though I have been advised the otc sleep products aren’t good for healthy flora.

    Eventually, I wormed my way through the net on Candida a little at a time as I could bare without being overwhelmed with all the vast changes going on within me and the vastness of hawkers trying to sell their AC snake oil online; landing on a youtube which seemed to make sense to me. STARVE THE CANDIDA, then go to Threelac, etc by someone NOT trying to make a profit on their advice. I went on it for about a week before things weren’t good and the cravings caused me to crash to the AB’s and the like again. I kept trying this STARVE theory, in that it made sense since that’s what they Dr attempted when they put me on the Vivonex protocol for what they assumed to be a bacterial overgrowth (oddly, it’s the reverse, I NEED bacteria – wrong advice again!). Yet, the starving the yeast meant starving the host and I would crash.

    Presently, I’m admittedly malnourished. A blood test showed my values were within normal earlier this year, from what I can gather. That was then. This is now. A functional nutritional questionnaire jumped me out as probably low on just about all vit/minerals and my PD would like me to take a costly full panel. He also is pushing another nutritioni$t for what I consider his own protection, since mostly my passings with nutritionists have been dismal and costly experiences beyond the one GOOD nutritionist who tried to help me years ago but, is now retired since I called her earlier this year seeking her help with candida. I am not against my Dr’s advice, only would rather spend $$$ on AC meds/foods rather than more costly tests since I’m hand to mouthing it monetarily presently. I have spent so much money following Dr’s advices and trying to buy myself out of a situation with even gagets which only proves to be an unworthy purchase in a short while I’m leery about continuing to throw money out the door needlessly. Why not prescribe Nystatin instead of a nutritional panel?

    I did an oxy-colon cleanse a little while ago which really weakened me from the loss of fluids but, I suppose helped get my system clear. I keep trying a MEVY protocol on my own but, since I have little strength it’s hard to cook beyond simple things which I can either microwave, George Foreman grill or scoop out of it’s container. This is not new. I have been here before and eventually worked myself to a “better state” of being; sure I can again in time even if it’s against AC protocol. MEVY has gone to basically “MY” as of late due to it’s ease in prep and even then I succumb to falling back on nuts, sugar-free jello and AB’s (glucerna) or protein shakes to fill in the gaps. What’s strange is (TMI) with just MEVY things back up and when I fall off the wagon things pass. Thus, why I have started including Psyllium daily and it is helping.

    I have tried L-glutamine, Oil of Oregano, ACV, odorless Garlic pills (garlic odor response due to Candida is off putting), GSE, a probiotic, Cranberry extract and even bee pollen along with a single bottle of Candex back when things were going better but, weird earlier this year.

    Presently, I take good vit supplements from the Dr.’s office, Cranberry extract, Calcium w/D, B6, B-complex, Vit C, Vit E, milk thistle, occasionally GSE/ACV and odorless Garlic pills, TJ’s Acidophilus & Probiotic, TJ’s Very Green (has acidophilus in it), Psyllium and NB’s Super Green nutritional powder with Probiotics. I use biosil, more earlier this year than now but, plan to take some at least every other day (don’t want another kidney stone).

    My meals are not planned out. I forage as I go, one meal at a time. I almost always have a tsp of Organic Coconut oil, then Greek yogurt to start any “meal”. I eat meat (beef.turkey.chicken), yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts (almonds/cashews/walnuts) and when I get adventuresome cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower and leafy greens. I know I have to eat more veggies but prep is the issue which I have to overcome there (strength).

    Today, I bought some avocado, blueberries, egg beaters egg whites, instant miso soup, plain oatmeal and have to admit some of the Glucerna/Atkin’s beverages as hold overs. Otherwise, unsweetened coconut milk and unsweetened almond milk along with H2O are the only beverages, though I tried non-fat milk last week and really didn’t like it at all. I only use sea salt, olive oil and sometimes no-salt butter but, have gotten away from butter except on broccoli/cauliflower on occasion.

    Here’s the issue. With my mal-nourishment being as it is, it seems like the strict MEVY protocol simply isn’t in the cards for me presently until I can store up some nutrition/vits/minerals rather than focusing on “weight reserves” as a measuring stick, since there seems to be an immediate weight gain with sugars. Under a theory of more weight coming on than being put in just by the Candida multiplying from cheap fuel. Like beer growing in weight as it brews. And thus, a very rapid weight loss when starved of cheap fuels. Thus why I’m straddling the fence between “junk” food & nutritional beverages/suppplements and AC MEVY protocol.

    The body and Dr are telling me to focus on increasing vits/minerals/nutrition. Therefore, this is a very challenging phase prior to or in the attempt of “another” round of trying to get a leg up on Candida. I even have considered self-going on Vivonex again as it’s pre-digested and complete nutrition; probably as a supplement rather than a sole food source.

    I suffer from all the effects of feeding candida. Any Candida questionnaire comes back off the charts. Time to stop worrying about where it is or what it is doing and concentrate on trying to get hydration/nutrition up. Then, attacking the candida protocol again with more hope for a successful outcome this time around. The seemingly daily back and forth with “trying to be” on a strict AC diet is only crushing my self esteem (if there’s even any left anymore) and deepening depression from failing myself (I could always blame the Dr’s in years past; now, it’s my fault). If I didn’t have enough to be depressed about already.

    Not sure if anyone can really help guide my journey as it seems what I’m going through is rather rare since it has been going on for so long and, considering where it’s at presently. Not that it really matters at this date but, I still have a hard time understanding why NO Dr. even thought about Candida. Though, one did get me to try a probiotic back when I was on TB meds when this all started out. Prior to that NO dr ever said a thing about probiotics when taking antibiotics. They didn’t seem to help much so it was short lived but, still I had never heard of yeast in/on the human body till last year. Again, I’m no scientist nor medical practitioner; thus why educating myself in this state is SO hard to wrap myself around but, it seems to be where everyone who beats Candida ends up in some way or another. I am a recent convert and pray everyday in my humble way. There’s many people praying for me as well. However, I’ve noticed with the brain fog, it’s really really hard to concentrate in prayer without my mind taking me places it shouldn’t go (losing focus).

    I had told just about every health professional at one time or another that one sip of a pale ale would send me into instant flu like body aches and doubled over in pain for years prior to the 2003 hospitalization. To which I kept saying, “I don’t know why. I suppose I’m allergic to the yeasts or hops or something.” Even when they thought I had Celiac, this beer issue came up and the nutritionist said to the effect we must be onto something, considering what you said about beer/hops (note no mention of yeast). I stopped drinking a LONG time ago. I am a smoker, though I know I should quit sooner than later but, it’s so hard. I tried earlier this year a couple of times and caved within days.

    Anyway, this is a start. To where?….hopefully a better state of being, if only through your support. I’m not trying to share suffering here. Only wanted to share how I got here – and this is a short version of all the stumbles – to help everyone know I DO WANT TO GET BETTER/HEALTHLY and am not out to waste anyone’s time. It’s just a rough place to be to “start out” trying to battle such a beast as Candida. I hear being stressed out is bad with candida but, due to my situation there’s really not much I can do about stress since I’m committed to staying away from rx’s.

    Many thanks for reading. As scattered brained as it is all laid out, hope it makes some sense. Perhaps, someone can see themselves in this or, point out something I’m not seeing. I know there’s “counter productive” issues with meals/foods presently but, I am trying. Which I agree isn’t DOING. I want to DO IT.

    That’s my story……….whew………

    PS – There’s very few ACV makers around. One label is about as good as another, stacked up against the same quality/item. Braggs is a good one but, if you find another with “mother” in it cheaper then use it. Chances are it’s probably from the same source as Braggs regardless of what label or bottle shape it comes in.


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    Boy…… have been through quite a lot!!!! I think you should write out all you eat (vit./supplements too) in a list so that Able can look at it. Are you on the “strict diet”? Able can get you than information also!

    Absolutely it was divine providence that has led you here! I believe it has for me as well! I’m excited for you, Lord willing you will find the help you need!

    I’m so very sorry to hear all you had to go through. But I’m sure the Lord is going to use it in your life and the lives of others for good!! 🙂

    Welcome to the forum! We are glad you’re here!!!



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    First and foremost let me say how terriable I feel for you. I’m sorry your battle has been so tough and I commend you for searching for the answers. You will find hope, support, and blessings here. You must contact Able900 and ask him for the strict diet. The diet you are on is still feeding the Candida. Able and Raster will help set you on the right path. You have gone through so much you will probably ease into the real diet with out a blip. I wish you well. I’m so sorry to read all that you have had to endure. Thanks for sharing. It really helps us understand how tough this fight is.

    I too was going to the Mayo Clinic this year and had to cancle due to a family matter. It took forever for them to find a Dr. who would even concider seeing me. Crazy. The medical field just turns their heads.

    Hopefully this is just what you need.




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    Thank you for your warm welcome and encouraging post, Faith. It’s very humbling to hear another see the grace which divine intervention opened the door to the answer I had been seeking so long and, to hear they had a similar experience.

    Yep, I have been through a ringer through at least the past decade but, I didn’t tell my story to share suffering, rather to bring people to a better understanding of precisely where I’m at to help those who wish to try to help me give their best advice to a more positive forward. The interesting part is the more I learn about Candida/mycosis the more it perfectly explains almost all the mis-dx’s along my journey and, the causes.

    Something cracked a door wide open late last night while responding to anothers post after reading some sage advice from Raster/Able. I felt compelled to share about Jordan Rubin and how his path to wellness from vast GI suffering included eating dirt. Jordan Rubin After re-reading the article briefly, things popped out at me which hadn’t prior. He had a level 4 case of Candidasis along with Crohn’s and so many other Gi maladies (more than similar to my story, eh?).

    Perhaps I need to start with building up my Gi with DSO as my new starting point??? Does anyone have any experience with DSO’s ?? –> Primal Defence

    My body is telling me it isn’t digesting what I’m eating currently, despite the yogurt and probiotics. Perhaps that’s why all the problems with attempts towards a strict diet? Seems logical; if I don’t have the ability to digest something due to a lack of enzymes/probiotics, the material would act like an “enemy”.

    As far as listing all I take; sure I will as it can’t hurt but, it’s all basically in the “my story” post, though not in a list form. I have tried to follow every treatment to the letter, even the harshest ones. At this point without a firm plan tailored to my unique situation, it’s presently a very fluid situation which can change from day to day; shopping trip to shopping trip.

    Thanks again, Faith and everyone in this community. I’m very humbled to be here and seriously trying to learn from all of you. May peace be with you and yours now and, for ever and ever.

    PS –> Not to turn people off, get labeled one way or another, turn this forum into something it’s not nor, get all preachy here but, I suppose The Lord is already using me for HIS GLORY, not mine. Though it’s hard embrace I’m worth of such. I do believe in my case, without being put on a path of spiritual healing, I would never have had an opportunity for physical healing; they are directly intertwined in my situation. The more I look at others journeys/illnesses the more I embrace a spiritual equation to their suffering as well. Food for thought. God Bless.


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. Really sorry for all of your suffering, there are far too many stores similar to yours that pass through here far too often. If you haven’t yet read The Forum’s Protocol which the forum uses, you probably should so that you’ll know what everyone is talking about as far as a treatment.

    If you’d like to consider using the alternate diet that most of the forum uses, just let me know.



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    As suggested, a list. This is somewhat fluid so it is a time capsule of today. It’s hard to keep so many expensive supplements in supply depending on monthly obligations; one can only do what they can afford. I stock up when I can and try to keep everything going but, some days I’ll double up on one of the “stragglers” and forget to take it another. I always take the multi, though.


    DOUGLAS LABS Basic Preventive-5 iron-free vegy caps – 3-2x/day BP-5 DETAILS you can scoll mouse over label on left for magnification of all vit/mineral levels. Does contain 150mg of Molybdenum.

    NATUREMADE Stress B-Complex —– – 1-1x/day
    NATURE”S BOUNTY B-6 100mg – 2-1x/day
    NATUREMADE C 1,000mg – 3-1x/day
    WALGREENS Calcium 600+D Cal-600mg
    d-400mg – 1-1x/day
    NATUREMADE Cranberry 450mg – 1-2x/day
    NATUREMADE E 400UI – 1-1x/day
    NATURE”S BOUNTY Magnesium 500mg – 1-1x/day
    WALGREENS Odorless Garlic —– – 1-1x/day
    NATUREMADE Potassium Glucnate 550mg – 1-1x/day
    SAFEWAY Zinc 50mg – 1-1x/day
    ECLECTIC INSTITUTE Milk Thistle —– – 1-1x/day
    TRADER JOE’S Very Green —– – 2-3x/day


    The TJ’s Very Green contains Acidophilus

    I ran out of –> ECLECTIC INSTITUTE Oil of Oregano – 1-1x/day
    –> ECLECTIC INSTITUTE Oil of Holy Basil – 1-1x/day


    GREEK GODS Traditional plain yogurt several scoops before meals
    TRADER JOES Acidophilus & Probiotic Complex – 1-2x/day

    NOTE: I had been using RENEW LIFE 30 billion prior for several months and have tried several others including ALIGN. Until listing the TJ’s product I didn’t realize how little it contained. My eye sight has deteriorated with the Candidasis. Though, Do’h! The low amount probably is a part of recent uptick in GI distress issues. Will switch back to RENEW LIFE in short order or perhaps go the PD DSO route.

    SPECTRUM Organic Coconut Oil – one heaping table spoon before meals
    NATURES BOUNTY Super Greens Nutritional Powder with Probiotics – 2 to 4 scps/day
    KONSYL Psyllium Fiber heaping spoonful at least – 1x/day
    BRAGGS ACV either as dressing on salads or 4z with h2o
    GSE a bunch of drops sometimes everyday
    BIOSIL 4 drops at least every other day with ACV/strange taste

    Tend to eat burgers 93% lean, turkey burgers or chicken thighs as they grill up rather easily. At least one serving per day, sometimes up to three.

    Cashews and Almonds fairly regularly though have noticed side effects from them.

    A peeled cucumber several times a week.
    Broccoli 3 stems/blossoms roughly per week
    Cauliflower one/two heads every other week
    I did eat a salad yesterday with mixed greens and spinach with left overs for tonight.

    Unsweetened Almond Milk
    Unsweetened Coconut Milk

    Truthfully, my diet, isn’t really a diet per say. I tend to forage and don’t have set meal times; bad habits from the 9 years of confusion since the 2003 hospitalization.

    For months, I was trying to pigeon pick within the Metagenic’s shopping list, while branching out on my own to things like Sweet Baby Coconuts/water since it said “coconut”. The water was so soothing, all the nutrients were a plus and so many people saying they help to rebuild the flora; albeit expensive on their own. The Ultimate Meal with soy or coconut water is good too. Fresh organic tofu with flax oil. Went through a sushi grade fish and miso phase earlier this year and still work in some canned tuna/water. Tried flax seeds on my eggs and use either flax or EVO oil.

    I have had a good experience with the eggbeaters today, so they probably will fold into regular rotation. Same with the plain oatmeal. I seemed to do okay with the blue berries w/yogurt and w/oatmeal, which is welcomed. I also tried some coconut spread butter substitute in the oatmeal which also seemed to be alright. A small container of cottage cheese 1 to 2 times a week spread throughout. Instant Miso has always been easy on my system.

    This is another bad truth but, I’m not that good on the veggies due to prep time and shopping regularity. Thus the super green supplements and caps. I was throwing away more of the fresh than consumed to mildew. Another reason TUM is worthy of consideration as it is a much better food source than backsliding to Glucerna AB’s and Atkin’s beverages to fill in the gaps as they tend to make me hypoglycemic. (note: Glucerna contains Molybdenum) The only issue is convenience; TUM only sells to Whole Foods or online apparently which makes it a hassle.

    Without sounding too pathetic, after years of being away from food/cooking for so long, other than buy/eat convenience this all just overwhelms me spiritually and seems physically exhausting to support. No matter what I try, there’s some finger wagging at me saying, “you failed”. I have looked at this forums protocols and they are yet more finger wagging but, totally in line with an ideal scenario.

    I’m serious about thinking it might be wisest course of action to get PRIMAL DEFENSE DSO to build up my system as a starting point rather than focusing on diet presently. What’s the use of a diet if your body can’t digest what you are consuming?

    Whew~!!…what an enigma to piece together. Any helpful insights, opinions, advice or support is dearly appreciated. I can’t be the only one whose been where I’m at, can I?


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    Hi there and welcome.

    Many of us can relate to your story so you are definetely in good company. I’ve been riddled with candida and its effects since a child as well .. it is a significant problem that unfortunately is ignored by conventional medicine. Glad to read that your faith provides hope and strength .

    May I be so bold as to encourage you to summarize your questions at the top of bottom of your posts so we can easily identify your questions.

    All the best and there are many, many here to help you towards health .


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    Thanks goingnatural; yet another welcome.

    I’m surprised anyone even read my post, actually since it’s such a long tale even in it’s abbreviated form above. So, I’m not the only one who looking back sees that Candida was part of their entire life without knowing it till a later stage? Comforting to know. Yes, the medical profession is controlled by the big pharm dollars and there’s no way they are going to risk raking in the $$$’s from their antibiotics to tell the truth about Candida.

    I guess the best questions to ask to get me moving forward would be:

    1) Considering where I’m at physically/nutritionally speaking would it be out of line to kind of place the AC protocols on hold for the time being and start rebuilding my depleted system with PRIMAL DEFENCE while eating what seems to be more easily digested at this phase foods even if they feed candida? (Jordan’s story so closely matches mine, it’s scary)

    2) And if so, how long would one gather a totally depleted system like mine would require on DSO’s before starting the cleanse?

    This is kind of off the forums subjects but….
    3). Does anyone have any experience with Candida and Social Security Disability? Just got my last appeal shot down and need to make some decisions with a clock ticking about perhaps suing in civil court. Considering Candida is rampant with diseases on the SSDI “approved list”, like lymes, hiv, Fibro, CFS, etc. it is surprising Candida hasn’t been added to the approved list itself.

    I guess that’s it for now. Seeing as mostly what I’ve done is one step forward and ten steps backwards to date. Only putting my body at more risk and useless distress with what I have been doing the past few months in a desperate attempt to starve candida out. Seriously, I was in better condition the night I went into the ER in 2003 and everything leading up to this moment, than I am at now. It seems like a logical page turner: okay, that didn’t work so well, let’s regroup, take a break, get new charge and carry on from there….It would give me more time to better organize myself for the protocol, than inadvertently going about things as haphazardly as I have been doing.

    Does that seem reasonable considering?

    Thank you again, goingnatural…..


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    Hi, I’m also new here.

    Wow, dear, you have been through a lot.
    I don’t know what advice to give you to ease your painful past.
    Try to keep a positive attitude and stay healthy.

    Warm hugs.

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