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    Mark Innes
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    Hello all,

    I wanted to share my story with you in the hope that people can give me advice/help. It all starts about 2 and a half years ago. I suddenly started feeling very dizzy and off balance and had a couple of bad scares driving. Feeling of everything spinning and eyes rolling into the back of my head. Not enjoyable I can tell you. These symptoms went on for a long time (and are still ongoing), so I started to see Doctors. I saw ENT specialists for inner ear problem, traumatologists for cervical problems, neurologist for head problems, and on top of this blood tests. Basically nothing conclusive was found. They found that I was dizzy with nistagmus, but the only thing they could suggest were migraines provoking dizziness. I have never suffered migraines. So I was put on a course of flunarizine tablets for an entire year that didn´t really improve symptoms, and to top it off made we put on 6 kilos in weight.

    In July this year, after more or less conquering my fear of driving long distance, I had another scare. Again, eyes rolling into the back of my head whilst overtaking at 80mph with my wife and 6 month old son in the car. Emergency stop and hand the wheel over to my wife. It was after this event that I started really looking up things on the internet and decided to group all of my symptoms and see what came up.

    I have suffered skin complaints for a few years now, including on my manhood, and occasional soap like texture urine. This together with the dizziness, instability, body weakness, eye problems etc. lead me to discover Candidasis. I thought this was a definite possibility considering the fact that for basically the last 4 years I have been drinking beer on a daily basis (up to 1 litre per day in the week and more at weekends) and have basically gorged myself on the good stuff like chocolate biscuits, chocolate croissants, pizzas etc.

    So at the end of my holiday I decided to do the spit test, and lo and behold, it started to brak into descending fragments and root like structures. This for me confirmed my suspicion that I have candida overgrowth.

    4 weeks ago I started what could be roughly deemed a candida diet. For the first 3 weeks I have basically only eaten broccoli, cabbage, some carrots, onion, garlic, bell peppers, eggs, chicken and some other veg, and the occasional apple and natural yoghurt. In between meals I have munched on brazil nuts, hazelnuts and almond, all unsalted and natural. This was accompanied by a daily morning glass of water with lemon juice, daily herbal vials (of artichoke, black radish, milk thistle, desmodium) and a herbal infusion twice a day (containing dandelion amongst other things). I have totally avoided sugar and as far as possible carbohydrates (a couple of ryvita crackers per day). This week I have removed the herbal infusion and the vials, and am now taking alga chlorella and 4 teasponns of virgin coconut oil per day.

    Well, I feel crap. I have lost 5 kilos in these 4 weeks which is good, but I feel very lethargic and weak. I don´t think I can carry on this diet any longer or my body will disappear. I don´t know now if my light headedness is due to the diet or the candida and I don´t know if my body is any better. I am planning on doing the spit test this weekend to see if the spit has improved.

    Any advice/Suggestions? I am thinking of starting to go for a more normal diet next week as I can´t go on like this. How should I start introducing things back into my diet? Anyone think my symptoms could not be related to candida?

    Any advice or encouragement would be great.



    Mark Innes
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    I forgot to add, I am also drinking alot of mineral water to help flush all the nasties out.


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    Well i have different symptoms, and i knew i had candida because i had thrush, and i got tested at the doctors too. Maybe you need a blood test or something?

    coconut milk has alot of calories. I’m not losing weight at all really, i pour olive oil on everything and eat plenty of avocados.

    im no expert, but what symptoms do you have beside the spit test that made you look at candida??


    Mark Innes
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    I have been suffering skin problems for a while now, according to docotrs psoriasis, dermatitis and exzcema. I have skin problems on the end of my “organ” (inflamed and red), occasional soapy type discharge after urinating etc. This is what lead meto think maybe something fungal like thrush. Then investigating thrush was when I saw mention of candida provking dizziness, lethargy, bodily pains, brain fog etc. And it just seemed that all of my symptoms could possibly be attributed to Candida. That is why I did the spit test. I am ata point where trasitional doctors have not found the problem so I ma trying “alternatives” in the mean time.

    NExt week I will be doing some blood test and back to the ENT also next week to start all over again with traditional doctors.


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    Hi Mark,
    I felt very weak for the first 2-3 weeks of the diet but when I kept going my body became used to less carbs and started using fat for fuel. I can explain what happens – Rather like a long distance runner – which I am as well – we burn all our carbs on long runs and have to teach the body to use on fat. The body processes fat much slower than carbs and usually doesn’t want to be bothered and grabs the carbs as ready fuel. If we are going slowly enough it has time to use fat instead.
    I’m a skinny marathon runner and have just reached an all time low weight due to the diet of 50.8kg. (I’m usually 56kg and 51.5kg when fully ready for a Marathon.)I’m on week 7.
    Not much running on this diet as the energy is just not there.

    My problem is dizziness too and maybe a bit of tummy upsets and thrush which put me on the diet, but the dizziness, vertigo has been a problem since 2009. You seem to have it bad!

    So my advice is to certainly see what Able and others say, but I would hang in there and things will get easier. Just go “one day at a time”. See if you can be really strict and just do vegetables and coconut- Able’s strict diet. Otherwise you will not know if it really working.

    Hope all works out.
    If not and all else fails (after you have tried it properly…) try TMS – Tension Myositis Syndrome. Monte Hueftle has videos explaining it. is especially good at explaining what to do. It certainly helps me if I don’t forget and go searching for remedies. You’ll see what I mean. I found it when suffering from odd pains and “injuries” when running. Pain is a main symptom but dizziness and or stomach problems can be symptoms too. Lots of things the brain does!! It’s free too!! Happy to send you more info if you want.



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