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    I’m posting my experience in case it helps someone. Some of the best advise I have gotten has been from reading others stories.

    I have been to over 30 doctors in the past 15 years, trying to find out what was wrong with me. Plenty of them suggested it was in my head, I had lots of lovely diagnosis including fibromyalgia, depression, adrenal fatigue, and carbohydrate intolerance. I didn’t start the diet until I asked a psychic why I couldn’t lose weight, her answer was “you have Candida”.

    I suspect I’ve had Candida since I was a small child, I’m 37 now. My mom loves antibiotics! She even purchased some when we traveled together overseas, since she didn’t need a prescription. I also remember having vaginal itching when I was a very young girl, it probably started around the time I had my tonsils taken out. I’m pretty sure I had a lot of antibiotics before age 5.

    All through my 20’s I would get reoccuring yeast infections, every time I went to a doctor they would take a culture and say “you don’t have a yeast infection, you have tons of healthy flora”. I’m not sure what was happening here, I saw over 15 doctors for vaginal itching and burning. Eventually it went away, but that was about the time the random symptoms started accumulating (insomnia, extreme bloating, depression, frequent sore throats, unexplained weight gain).

    At age 34 I had my first pregnancy, it ended in miscarriage. I soon got pregnant again and had a healthy son. My pregnancy was HARD, I was sick every single day all day long. The only foods I could keep down were fruit , bread and sugar. I have since learned that pregnancy can be a lovely environment for Candida to thrive.

    When my son was born we breastfed. It took two months for Thrush to attack us and we could not continue. Even if I would have been able to tolerate the pain, I didn’t make enough milk. My son had Thrush in his mouth. His doctor prescribed him Nystatin, in different amounts twice and it did nothing for his Thrush. I decided to try GSE ( Grapefruit Seed Extract) I diluted it in water and wiped his tongue with it 2X’s a day. It took about two weeks for it to be gone.

    I started the diet with the intention of doing a 14 day cleanse. I got about 4 days before my muscles got so sore I couldn’t sleep. I had to add my multivitamin back in. I suspect this was because I have such severe malabsorption. On day 7 I added eggs and started feeling better. As for die off symptoms during my cleanse, I developed my first case of Oral Thrush, with a icky coated white tongue, and I’d experience flashes of vaginal itching.

    I have been on and off sugar for the last year in a half, realizing that my body does not tolerate it well. The one symptom that giving up sugar relieved immediately was my insomnia. I had a problem staying asleep for years. I also had to nap everyday because I was so exhausted. After four weeks on the diet and cleanse I no longer needed to nap daily, and my oral thrush was gone.

    After 6 weeks on the diet I still had post nasal drip, I had lived with it for over 5 months on and off. I had a brilliant idea to put some GSE in my neti pot, I first searched around online to see how it should be done and came across a story of a women who put in 5 drops and burned her sinuses. I decided to start with 1 drop. It didn’t hurt or burn my sinuses but I felt the fever come on almost instantly. I spent the next 3 days sick with a mild fever, and flu symptoms. I also worked my way up to 3 drops of GSE in the neti pot. On day 3 I started feeling better, much more energy then before and absolutely no more post nasel drip. However, I got some new strange symptoms. The palms of my hands, soles of my feet and my tongue all felt tingling, burning, pain, and sensitivity, to the point where it hurt to walk. I was also very swollen (but that’s normal for me). I was afraid I had nerve damage from something I was taking, maybe an anti fungal. I went to acupuncture, the LAC explained that my body was having trouble draining the toxins from the die off I’d just went through. She suggested I do some lymph brushing. Which I did, along with the acupuncture, and I felt much better the next morning.

    I’m not done yet, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be “cured”, but I know that I’m going to feel better one day.

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