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    I want to share my story, At 7 years old, I was hit by a car and broke both my Fermurs and pelvic bone. I was in bad shock and they had to drill holes in both legs just above the knee and put pins threw and hang me in air for something like 4 months, then I was in body cast for 6 months. I really don’t remember it at all just what people tell me. I have had eczema since a baby and got Rosea about 7 years ago and is getting so bad.
    They said I may not be able to walk or have children normally but I have done both.
    I didn’t have any problems till about 2005 at age 45 my legs just started hurting so bad. They cant find anything wrong but scar tissue. So they call it Fibromyalgia. It has spread threw my body. And then got restless leg. I have Hiatal hernia and bad reflex.
    In 2000 I had ankle surgery and got RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ) from it, then after that I had a bladder mesh put in and after 6 months they had to go in and release it, but didn’t take it out. In 2004 Another doctor talked me in to trying a new kind so dummy me did it. 6 weeks after surgery I got IC, (Interstitial cystitis).
    I get a UTI every time I have sex with my husband no matter how clean I try to make us. So always on antibiotics. Then I got what is called Raynard’s phenomenon in right foot where the RSD is.
    Now 2011 I went for my yearly exam and they found the Bladder mesh going threw my pelvic wall and they think it put hole in my bladder, and have so much scar tissue in my vaginal canal. It hurts so bad when I am with my husband and I love him very much and he is 9 years younger than me and has great sex drive, but he is very good about it.
    They are sending me to the state university because the surgery will be very hard to do they have to reconstruct my vaginal area and get mesh and scare tissue out. .
    Now I have to told I have Candida, it going to be hard because all the UTI’s and antibiotic’s I have to take. So it will be a long hard struggle, on top of that I was not brought up on Vegetable besides, corn, peas, green beans, so i gag so bad when I eat the vegetables for the diet. I lived on cereal, carbs and Dairy, baked goods,candy little meat all kinds. I am top very edge on getting diabetes.
    Also I am allergic to All dairy, Garlic, Corn, Yeast, egg whites,cheese, I think from leaky gut since that what I ate. Also Latex.
    This is my story Thank you for reading


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    Hi Theresa,

    I read your story and I feel real sorry for your suffering.
    You will find a good home here in the forum and I am sure that Able and raster will have some good advice for you.

    I believe that you cant attack everything at once but storm the hill of health in many small steps. First I believe you will have to get the important operations done, then I am sure Able can advice you how you can take the antibiotics in a more healthy way.

    For a starter you can read as much as you can and plan your battle accordingly.

    Here is a link:

    I am sorry that I am not of much help to you and believe me if I could work miracles I would heal you right now.

    all the best to you and good health


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    Thomas wrote: You will find a good home here in the forum and I am sure that Able and raster will have some good advice for you.

    Theresa has been with the forum for two weeks, and she has written over 30 posts, so we’ve already answered many of her questions and concerns. I think she’s finally just put her entire story together for us.

    Thanks for making it all clear for us now, Theresa.



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    Yes sorry for confusion, I realized I never told you my story.
    Thank you so much for all your help I really learned a lot so far.


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    Hi Theresa,

    I’ve been reading your posts over the last week since I just came on board. Tonight in reading your story I felt compelled to respond at least in the way of support.

    I think Thomas wrote a good answer. I’m finding the Forum not only educational but also compassionate. I’ll be looking forward to reading about your journey.

    OK Guys. So I’m starving. Trying hard to remember that I’m starving candida!

    Thanks for everyone’s comments on this forum.



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    Gay it’s really important to help support each other, Thank you.

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