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    I joined this site on an impulse, and since I know that I probably won’t be on here long, I’d figured I’d talk to people who actually have experience with Candida.

    A long story short (it is a very, very long story, and so is this post), I’ve had Candida/ yeast problems for much of my childhood, and in fact, my pediatrician brought to my attention that I was displaying signs of having autism as a young toddler, but it was never brought up further in conversation as it didn’t appear to get any worse over the years. I remember being about 7 and having severe flaking rashes (almost like a mix of eczema/psoriasis) around my private areas that lasted for at least a year, and that’s also the year I had a very strange allergic reaction to a chocolate cake. I’ve eaten the same cake before, and I not had another reaction.

    I had several more seemingly random allergic reactions to mostly chocolate things over the years that would give me severe joint swelling, hives and welts and a huge immune reaction. Also looking back on it, I never really felt well, but I never knew how to feel ‘good’, so I never really contacted anyone about it. I had severe trouble concentrating, with a mix of increasing mental problems, and slowly got more and more sick over the years.

    When i was sixteen, I suffered a severe allergic reaction that was worse tan before, and I ended up on some sort of meds (I didn’t care at the time but now I regret it horribly), that somehow ‘jumpstarted’ my main Candida symptoms. I got my first yeast infection that felt as if it never fully went away, I started having severe digestive problems, and it all spiraled downwards from there.

    I was (and still am!) a huge yeast/sugar addict, like worryingly ‘I’m an actual addict’ so, and since I didn’t know any better, I kept up feeding it tremendously for the next 2 years( and this wasn’t new), my body and mental health deteriorating. It finally came to a head when I was 18 and started having severe anxiety and panic attacks nearly 24/7 after a specific trigger event.

    It was a hard realization, but after that I (at first) realized that it was the sugar that was consuming way too much of that must be contributing to my declining health. It took several months to realize this, and during that time I started having much more frequent food allergies to seemingly random things and it took a whole month after that to ween myself off of it with horrible craving and many relapses, but I managed to cut down my sugar to an acceptable level way below the FDA recommended amount, and I started feeling a lot better (at least my attacks were calming down a lot!)

    Even so, I was still having a lot of problems (it was around this time that I discovered the white patch I had had on the far back center my tongue for goodness knows how long was thrush) with skin and digestive problems, and just overall feeling poorly.It was about May of this year that I started researching all about yeast and candida after a nasty bout of stomach illness and a persistent yeast infection again, and I decided that I would give the diet a try, and if it was too much for me and failed, at least I would know it was a step in the right direction.

    I tried going cold turkey at first, and that lasted all but a whopping 6 hours. Not even kidding, I woke up one morning, fully committed to the diet, and I ended the night stuffing bread and cookies in my mouth. So I forced myself to stop, regathered myself and told myself that today was a test run, and I would do it again tomorrow.

    The craving were so intense I could only either pace frantically and will myself through amazing mental powers not to devour everything in sight and laying down and thinking about hibernating for the summer. I had read up on all about die off, but it felt soul consuming. Hey, at least it made me realize how much of a candida crackhead I was.

    The first few days were hell, nearly passing out a few times from either just pure cravings or other things, but around the 4th and 5th day, I started feeling a lot better, even the thrush in my mouth, one of my go to indicators in my body that tells me my yeast levels, was starting to fade! But alas, about the 6th day I broke down and started consuming yeast and sugar again, and the symptoms returned against after a few days of eating like this (I honestly felt as if I had built up a slight resistance to it in those short 6 days!). But, I promised myself I would go back eating like that again, and beat it for good. It gave me so much hope I had ever had in my sickly life.

    In these last four months, I would try for a few days to stop eating yeast and sugar, and it would work for a little bit, but as I’ve said, I would break down after a few days and go back to it, but each time, it took a bit longer for symptoms to return. I craved the good days so much, but I craved the yeast even more, and it was a huge amount of mental pressure on myself to get ‘clean’ of it, which was just within my grasp!

    After a long and stressful as heck events following Hurricane Florence, I’ve took a long look at myself and decided that if I don’t fully get rid of it from my body, then it’ll haunt me forever. A lot of immune problems run in my family, and I want to be as healthy as I can be (which is hard considering I have scoliosis).

    I actually want to do things with my life, not weighed down by the guilt of not actually making myself better, so I’m planning to start my full Candida diet tomorrow, which will be even harder for me than most people when I’ve been having reactions to all dairy (even eggs), and a lot of foods that are on that MAYBE list I read. A lot of foods cause my yeast, and I know the list will only increase if I don’t stop it.

    I actually thought I had low blood sugar, turns out it was just yeast levels within me dropping and either causing the low blood sugar, or doing a hecking good job at mimicking it.

    The main problem is me giving in when I’m doing good, or something arising in my personal life that may require me to eat yeast (if I’m suddenly whisked away on a family journey!) as it usually does, but I think I’m finally ready to start on my diet for the two weeks, and hopefully not longer!

    I guess I’m mostly asking for two things: foods I can eat besides veggies and chicken (remember: no eggs at all!) and a tiny amount of fruit and maybe a spoonful of quinoa or rice if I feel brave, and how I can keep myself from losing a lot of weight. Since I started in June, I’ve lost about 10 lbs mostly from the first diet itself, and I was already very skinny anyways, so I don’t need to lose anymore! And I guess motivation would do me good: we have a lot of yeast-y foods around the house, and I can’t ask my entire family to simply get rid of all of it. I’m a high risk to temptation!

    I’ll also be alternating between l. acidophilus pill and some raw apple cider vinegar to help with my thrush, and some coconut oil, but I can’t really aford the fancy probiotics, and they usually sit heavy in my stomach all day, and I prefer more natural methods, anyways. Maybe by the end of this, I can go back to eating dairy and eggs again, because I know I can have them when I get cleared up, as opposed to having a lifelong allergy to them, mine has only begun really recently.

    Thanks if you’ve read this far, and I wish you all well on your journeys as well!

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