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    I’ve been suffering with candida for many years.

    I took too many antibiotics and I always have a sweet tooth. I think that’s the reason I have candida overgrowth.

    In high school i suddenly had an allergy to perfume and dust. My tongue,for as long as i can remember, always has white coating on it, no matter how often i try to clean it.

    Then in college i started having digestion problem (diarrhea, flatulence, etc). I found out that dairy was the culprit so i tried to cut my dairy consumption. My condition improved a little bit after that.
    I tried to go to many doctors about my condition, but nothing seemed to help until a doctor adviced me to stop eating wheat. But even after cutting wheat and gluten from my diet,i still didn’t feel completely well.

    As time passed, my condition only got worsen. I got intolerant to many foods that i love (dairy, gluten, meat) and the food i can eat is pretty limited. And the worse problem is that i realized my body odor got worse as my health condition worsen. I can’t smell it myself, but people reactions to it are really bad. The odor not only can fill up the room i’m in, but also can be smelt from outside the room.

    This made me depressed and hated going out.

    I just hope that i can get a solution to fix all of this and get better.

    If anyone ever had a problem like this or has any advice for my problem please let me know.

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