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    Hello and thanks in advance.

    I’m a 22 year old male at university. 2 years ago, prior to starting uni I had some tests done and was recommended the Candida diet. At the time I was looking to identify the cause of a persistent cough and sinus blockage. Unfortunately I really thought nothing of it and just went back to my usual ways almost immediately and forgot about the whole thing. However I was reminded of the issue by a friend of mine who recently undertook the diet and have since started it myself.

    My symptoms:

    General fatigue
    Dark circles around eyes, and tired look in eyes
    Oral thrush (and persistent bad breath)
    Post nasal drip and sinus problems
    Irregular anxiety (and hints of depression)
    Urinary tract infection (and cloudy urine)
    Occasional dry skin
    Hormonal imbalance – self-diagnosed (despite normal blood test results – I would say that things aren’t quite right)

    Despite these symptoms, I consider myself to be pretty healthy. I am physically fit at least – in the average week I go to the gym 3 times and cycle 10+ miles. I keep regular hours and lead an active lifestyle.

    Since starting the diet approx. 3 weeks ago, most of my symptoms have diminished, but not disappeared. I have felt noticeably less anxious, less tired during the day, the urinary issues have almost all but cleared up, my skin has improved and I would say that I have felt a more hormonally balanced, for a man my age. The only symptom persisting without change is the sinus issue – still blocked. Despite the improvements I do feel far from cured.

    My diet includes:

    Eggs (2-4 daily)
    Cherry tomatoes (maybe an average of 20 a day, in various recipes) – am I allowed tomatoes?
    Minced Beef
    Whole grain brown rice (a large portion every day)
    whole grain rice cakes
    Lots of garlic
    Occasional shop-bought probiotic yoghurt
    Also taking acidophilus along with a load of vitamins.

    I have broken the diet to drink alcohol twice and have noticed a set back immediately both times so will stop that for now.

    Are there any mistakes I am making with my diet?

    Still, despite some progress, the whole thing still has me very concerned. I am wondering what caused this in the first place and why my body is incapable of defending against it by itself. My mum thinks I am slightly wheat or dairy intolerant but I’m curious as to how that would cause this Candida problem? Aside from the Candida (cause unknown) I don’t have any bad reaction to wheat or dairy, as far as I can tell (unlike pineapple, which I don’t eat because it brings me out in hives).

    I’m also curious about what the future holds for my diet. I would like to think that one day, after ridding myself of this infection, I will be able to eat “normally” again. I am happy to implement a permanent ban on some things but it would be nice to (for example) eat cake or chocolate once in a while?

    Am I always going to be prone to this yeast infection or have I had it for 3 years purely because I haven’t made steps to get rid of it? I can remember about 4 years ago taking several courses of antibiotics for a chest infection I had – could this be the original cause?

    I hope that some of my questions can be answered.

    Thank you


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    Please refer to the allowed food lists which are different than the website:

    If you want to alter your diet more, you will see better results. I would remove the following:

    beef (causes immonia production much greater than other meats)
    tomatoes (contains sugars, not on list)
    rice (contains starch and contains a small amount of sugar)
    all nuts (contain small amounts of mold and save for phase 2)
    yogurt (switch to greek yogurt, contains much less sugar, somewhere between 7-11g per serving)
    chilis, peppers (too spicy contains sugars)
    alcohol (poison)

    In phase 2, your body can handle things like nuts, chilis, tomatoes, rice much much better without any noticeable downside. If you eat small amounts of tomatoes or peppers, your body can handle it. Try to keep your daily sugar intake to below 25g a day.

    Here’s a great site that shows how much sugar occurs per food item:

    If you get mucus production after anything you eat this means it is not allowed on the diet.

    Antibiotics can cause microbial/intestinal inbalance and thats why probiotics are recommended. This is one of the biggest factors. I recommend listening to Dr. Mcoomb’s if you want to back this up with some facts/evidence.

    I would leave out all dairy and wheat until you are fully recovered, these and alcohol should be added last. Same with coffee.

    I have been on the diet for 5 months now and am mostly symptom free. I still need to be on the diet for a few more months at the mininum because I had it way worse than you have.

    If you want ideas for additional supplements I can suggest some. One is glutamine for instance, which can help with your sugar intolerance problems.


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