My quest to find me and my libido.

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    Gender: Female

    Age: 31

    Weight/height at the beginning of cleanse: 45kgs (usually 50kgs when healthy), 5ft2

    Condition: Problems started about 3 years ago

    No libido!!! (for about two years and prior to this was incredibly high), Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), recurring UTI’s (urinary tract infections), Partner experiences infection/rash after intercourse, eczema, contact dermatitis – detergents, acne, itchy eyes, sugar cravings, sensitivities to chemicals and perfumes, frequent colds and flu, sore throat, weight loss.- inability to gain weight, inability to focus, poor memory, brain fog, anger, depression, crying spells and I think that’s about it!

    Cause: Ongoing use of antibiotics for recurring UTI’s (from 16-27yrs old), antibiotics for acne, 7 years on The Pill, anti viral medication for shingles.

    Diagnosed: I got a Live Blood Analysis.

    Diet: No sugar (honey, rice malt, aspartame, stevia.. anything sweet in flavour), fruit fresh and dried, no dairy (mainly due to my chronic eczema since I was a baby), no legumes, no gluten. I am allowing rice but I brown it off before cooking to burn off the sugar as advised by my naturopath. I also still eat root vegies because I am so thin I can’t afford to lose too much weight.

    Treatment and management: I am managing treatment through my Naturopath. Products prescribed:

    Kirkman Biofilm defense: x1 two times a day 30mins prior to to breakfast and dinner
    Nutricology Grapefruit seed extract: x2 three times a day
    Omega 3’s: x4 two times a day
    Custom Probiotics: I was instructed to start taking these once i finish taking the grapefruit seed extract and biofilm defense. Probiotics are essentially a fungus (good fungus) but the grapefruit seed extract and biofilm will still target these even if they are healthy bacteria’s. Once I have kill the candida then I can begin to restore my gut again with probiotics.

    Exercise every day. Whether that is walking for 30mins, yogo, swimming etc. Low impact because I’m not in the healthiest state.

    I just started this program a few days ago so it’s early days but I will definitely update this blog. I feel like it is so important to feel like you can relate to someone going through the same things. I’ve been sick for about three years. I’ve seen GPs, alternative GPs, naturopaths, Chinese doctors etc during this time and spent about $5000 in treatments. It’s been exhausting and depressing. I just don’t feel like myself. After a referral to get a Live Blood Analysis I was diagnosed with SEVERE candida last week. I understand how things can go under the radar and, after 3 years of searching, i’m still skeptical about me having candida. I almost find it difficult to believe that I have FINALLY found what’s wrong with me. My libido has been really difficult to manage mainly because I just don’t feel like me, a sexual woman. I feel like a big part of me is in severe hibernation. Being in a relationship it awful too because sex is so much about chemistry so even with the best party tricks, you can never fake it with someone you love. They always know.

    I’m very disciplined with what I do and my treatment so it will be interesting to see how this progresses. Everyone is unique therefore everybody’s treatment should be unique.
    I’ll update in two weeks. If anyone has had experience with candida and their libido please let me know your experience. One of the main symptoms is low libido but there is very little information on this forum and google that talks about peoples experience with it. I’d love it hear.

    For anyone out there who is suffering from a chronic illness please don’t give up. Keep looking and looking and trying and trying. Our health is so important, don’t settle for being sick.


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    sex wears me out. I think it has something to do with adrenal fatigue.

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