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    I have started suffering a terrible psoriasis a year ago, and posted here few times in despair. Basically diet, many pills and vitamins and 10-15minute of sunbath several times a week, caprylic acid, all these several dozen tries and none of them helped. I could not get any damn pattern of when it flares depending on what food i eat and what measurement i took. However one thing i noticed is that it flares almost immediately when i am under intense stress. At work, I do several minutes of concentration and it flares. During commute to work, I got into road rage due to asshole drive and it immediately flares. Now this summer here is what i did after getting sick of recommended treatment that goes nowhere:
    – went to miami for a week for a vacation and intense does of several days of sunshine and swimming at the beach. I made sure I had several hours of sunshine each day of this vacation.
    – went to los angeles for 3 days and 2 of them were intense sunbathing. i got bit too much and did not protect my face well (i thought face will be resilient i guess not) and for about a week, went with burned face with smoldered lips. I had to apply lot of coconut oil and swimming to get the heat from my face.
    – plus each weekend this passing summer, i went to our condo’s pool area and exposed my areas of skin affected for hour or so followed with swimming in the pool.

    All these days, i got good punch of sun rays injected into my areas where psoriasis is bothering and finally this has gotten far better. I am not sure if it is due to this but it looks like vacation combined with far more doze of sunbatching then recommended got the upper hand,
    My psoriasis were cyclical (getting better for few days and comes back with a vengeance).
    However this time, it is the longest time I have almost free of psoriasis after several weeks of vacation and sunbatching: month and a half. I had moderate amount of psoriasis bothering my but area and behind my knees and started showing around my flanks and also back shoulder. All of them almost gone except slight traces are still visible in those areas but no more intense skin growth. I am praying it will not come back. I just posted just to let others know of my experience and if it helps anyone who is suffering from this terrible ordeal (because I did), I would really be glad to see them.


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    Thanks for sharing your story. It seems that stress management and sunshine play an important role.

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