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    hi ya’ll. wow, time sure flies. i haven’t posted on here in a while as i have been trying some things out to see if it makes a difference – and i think the below has definitely reduced my candida or at least kept it at bay, post Nystatin. i have been doing chelation since late December. Not every weekend, but most. i started with 4 weeks of 25mg DMSA, then 25mg ALA with DMSA. found the ALA alone to be most tolerable. dmsa seemed to make my liver feel weird. bumped it to 50mg two weeks ago, and found that tolerable. have had my fillings out for over two years now so i think that allowed me to start at a much higher dose. definitely could feel the mercury coming out but it wasn’t terrible like some report. if you have candida, and still have mercury fillings in, i would say get them replaced if you can.

    also, about a month ago i started taking resistant starch. it’s all the rage on the paleo & sibo sites. i think that is helping as well. prior to that, i had been on Nystatin for a year and followed Able’s diet, and also GAPS. Tried McCombs plan and a variety of other things. One of my symptoms has always been kidney pain whenever killing candida. even with molybdenum, the pain never went away, although molyb did help. something is helping because the kidney pain, which would be present upon waking only, after not drinking water all night, has gotten much less – even when i take coconut oil. also, some nights i would wake up all sweaty – and that has stopped as well. my tongue is also staying quite clear – even though i have added in new foods including fruit. i have been getting my resistant starch from green bananas, and also eating apples, blueberries with little issue. i’ve also been eating sweet potatoes. one other thing i’ve done is to take soil based organisms along with the resistant starch. this is from the recommendation on the blog. i also made homemade sauerkraut and can now tolerate that, as well as homemade kombucha. at one point, either one would have given me bad reactions, and I could only drink water kefir. the sauerkraut contains soil based organisms, and it is much more economical to make it than buy a bottle.

    One negative – my nut intolerance has come back, although maybe not for every nut. but a lot of my other intolerances have gone away and stayed away – but not the big ones like soy, milk, eggs, etc. mostly the vegetables and some seeds.

    i now wonder if i ever needed to be on the super-strict diet, or if i could have gotten better being less strict. (but i still think it would have been impossible with fruit). but, also, if you were to read my posts from two years ago, i am not sure i ever had full-blown candida. i definitely think it was fungal, but my symptoms were less severe than many on here. i was able to get out of bed, work full-time. i’m going to continue chelation for a while and keep making ferments. Another good blog is – and Dr. Art Ayers recommends not being so clean, so as to expose oneself to new strains of bacteria to replace the ones killed off by antibiotics (he says probiotics won’t do that – only home made vegetable ferments and fecal matter from contact with others, will). Ferments it is!



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    Good stuff. I also recommend cheating occasionally for the same reason…you need to develop that gut flora. Supposedly if you eat something once, you’ll have more bacteria in your gut for a period of weeks that can digest that item better.

    I don’t recommend removing the mercury fillings unless they naturally need to be removed because when you remove them, you’ll typically get more mercury in the body afterwards, even with safe and proper dental instruments.



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    if you get them out, the body will begin excreting the mercury naturally. maybe keep them in if the candida is so bad you can’t get out of bed – but I would think when one starts to feel better, it would be best to remove them and do chelation. if you find a IAOMT dentist (mercury free), this is the best way to limit the amount of mercury one’s exposed to during removal. i’m glad I got mine out.


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    Great update! I just today completed my 7th DMPS only round and have also noticed positive benefits thus far with chelation. Keep us updated with how chelation goes! This board could use more success stories. Also, I agree with you that mercury fillings are much better out than in.

    If anyone with amalgam fillings is reading this check out these resources:


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    I 3rd on getting them toxic things out!!!

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