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    So, I posted on here a few years back about how I had a ton of issues. Throughout my life I’ve had the following issues:

    – re-occurring ear infections, treated with uncountable antibiotic prescriptions
    – thrush
    – allergies
    – eczema
    – asthma
    – burning mouth syndrome
    – prostatitis
    – sebaccious cysts (have to have them surgically removed)
    – cystic acne (back acne)
    – lipomas
    – chronic fatigue
    – fibromyalgia
    – anxiety
    – depression
    – brain fog
    – loss of memory
    – acid reflux/gerd (nissen fundoplication wrap done in 2007)
    – IBS and chronic flatulence
    – beer gut (even without drinking alcohol)

    I’m sure I missed a few things in the list, but you get the idea. Life has been HELL, for as long as I can remember.

    From age 15-27, I partied very hard. However, I was always physically active, as I am a skateboarder.

    A few years ago I attempted to clean up my diet but could not afford it at the time.

    My protocol to healing started in January 2018. The doctors had me on prescription drugs for my anxiety and depression. I lost all muscle mass and all my other physical symptoms got 100% worse. I finally decided I was tired of feeling like crap. I kicked all the medication and cleaned up my diet.

    The first 3 months was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I ate a strict diet for the first 2 months. Water, Vegan protein mixed with Almond milk, and Subway chopped chicken salads (no dairy added, only leafy greens and approved Candida foods). I literally lived off of these salads for 2 months. I went from 191lbs down to 165lbs by the end of March and going into April. I looked horrible, but was slowly starting to feel my insides cleaning out.

    I got a gym membership in February and started going 1-2 times per week, light weight lifting (literally, 5 and 10lb dumb bell exercises) and basic body weight exercises. (mind you, I was still going through die off and felt like death the entire time). I could barely do 15 push ups and could only run 0.15 of a mile. I never gave up.

    Up until the beginning of this month (April), I wasn’t eating enough calories and I could really feel it taking a toll on me. I decided to open my diet back up and bump those calories.

    In the beginning of April, I learned to count calories and did more research on nutrition. At 165lbs, my target goal was 172lbs (this is with going to the gyn every day, mon-fri). I bumped my calories up to 2600, rather than 1200-1800 like I had been on during my “cleanse” state . ( I do not recommend anyone cutting calories this low. I did it in moderation and I paid very close attention to my body. )

    Now, here I am, middle of April, and I feel 100% better. Improvements listed below:

    – re-occurring ear infections, treated with uncountable antibiotic prescriptions (these have been gone since my surgery on my ear in 2015)
    – thrush (HEALED)
    – allergies – burning/itchy eye, dry nose(HEALED)
    – eczema – eczema on legs (HEALED) – skin looking/feeling soft. minor flare ups when working out, but goes back to normal once I’m at home and showered/rested
    – asthma – HEALED – never in my life have I been able to run 1 mile.. I can now run 2 miles.
    – burning mouth syndrome – HEALED – doctors could not explain this but I knew it was my diet
    – prostatitis – PROGRESSING – the urge to urinate is slowly getting better
    – sebaccious cysts (have to have them surgically removed) – these, I dont feel are going to be able to be healed, however, I believe the diet can prevent new ones from forming
    – cystic acne (back acne) – PROGRESSING – my back skin now feels soft and smooth. alot of scarring but the acne bumps are slowly getting flatter
    – lipomas – I dont feel these will be able to be healed either. my grandma and uncle both have this issue. im gonna say genetics….
    – chronic fatigue – HEALED – I have more energy than ever, its unreal.
    – fibromyalgia – PROGRESSING – obviously working out causes some aching/pains, however, at least the small ache/pains i feel now, I actually have something to attirebute them to, rather than not having any reason at all.
    – anxiety – HEALED – well this was just all the gases in my gut floating around
    – depression – HEALED – same as anxiety… just too much gases built up in the colon
    – brain fog – HEALED – same as anxiety/depression
    – loss of memory – PROGRESSING – I am becoming less and less forgetful
    – acid reflux/gerd (nissen fundoplication wrap done in 2007) – PROGRESSING – still some minor discomfort in the upper abdominal region but i feel it slowly diminishing over the weeks
    – IBS and chronic flatulence – flatulence is getting better , however, I eat alot of brocolli so it flares up when I eat this
    – beer gut (even without drinking alcohol) – HEALED – I have a mean six pack now… its crazy..

    I’m sure you’re wondering, what is your current protocol? Here is my daily routine:


    – 7 egg whites
    – 1 egg
    – 1 full cup of organic oats mixed with strawberries/blueberries
    – one scoop of vegan protein powder (15g of protein)
    – 1 smoothie (usually 1 banana, strawberries, and more blueberries or black berries, 1 teaspoon of flax seed, and a super food powder pack from Walmart (i forget the name of it))

    Morning snack:

    – diced melons (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, etc)
    – Larabar (cashew cookie or coconut)


    – 226g of antibiotic free chicken , seasoned with garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and oregano
    – 150g of sweet potatos
    – 156g of broccoli

    End of work day:

    – another smoothie . same as the breakfast smoothie
    – 1 RX bar (blueberry preferred)

    After workout:

    – 2 scoops of protein powder mixed with Almond milk
    – 226g of antibiotic free chicken , seasoned with garlic, onions, salt, pepper, and oregano
    – 150g of sweet potatos
    – 156g of broccoli


    – handful of cashews or peanuts (yep thats it)


    – RenewLife probiotics ( started with 20 billion, and built up to 90billion)
    – Vitamin C
    – B12
    – Organic/vegan multi vitamin
    – Aloe vera
    – Omegas
    – Spirulina
    – RenewLife IntestiNEW

    The protein powder has L Glutamine in it as well, so that also helps. In regards to antifungal, I eat garlic with everything. And for fats, I use olive oil and coconut oil to cook my food.

    Now, I know some of you are going to say “omg all those fruits and sweet potatoes?” I’ll start by saying, every person is different. Nonetheless, your body thrives on the anxioxidents and fiber provided by those fruits. It has not affected my recovery at all. (You can find a very popular youtuber who healed his body/eczema while consuming high amounts of fruits)

    I also switch out the broccoli some days for asparagus or some other type of green ( green beans, etc ).

    I did alot of research on bodybuilding and took their diet and adjusted it to be Candida friendly (for me). I am now back up to 172lbs. I am getting compliments from everyone on how my skin looks great and how my body is changing and now looking athletic again. I feel like I am getting my old life back and plus more. My physique looks absolutely incredible compared to 3 monthds ago.

    My advice to everyone, learn to count your calories and learn how to do a 40/30/30 split (40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fats). This is the general macro breakdown that most people should follow. I am currently on a 45/35/25 split as I am building muscle in the gym.

    I am no where near close to being healed 100%. However, I know if I keep with the protocol I’m on, I can continue to feel better and continue to heal.

    Good luck to all, and I hope this advice helps.


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    I know there hasn’t been any replies, however, I wanted to post an update.

    Im going on my 5th month of diet and exercise and each day is getting better.

    The itching all over went away within the first 2-3 months. I forgot to mention this previously.

    The cystic acne on my back is almost 100% healed (lots of scars though). I’ve been using Vitamin E oil to help reduce the redness of the scars. My back is feeling nice and smooth again like baby’s skin. Previously, I could do dry skin brushing and would have flakes of black toxin residue all on my fingers. This is no longer the case. I can do dry skin brushing and there is no more residue.

    Lipomas are a bit softer than usual. I just ordered out for daily liver supplements to help with this.

    The beer gut is still normal. No more bloating. I do still have flatulence, but I’m sure its from the broccoli and asparagus I eat. When I eat green beans instead, the gas seems to not be present.

    Bowel movements are 2-3 times per day which is excellent.

    Anxiety/Depression is still at bay. I have occasional flare ups of anxiety, but I know its just my body’s natural way of telling me I’m toxic and when I feel like this, I just drink a lot of water and it goes away.

    Hay fever is still at bay as well. My ears turn bright red every once in a while when my anxiety flares and I get mild hay fever. Again, I just drink a lot of water.

    Fibromyalgia is hardly noticeable anymore. Exercise seems to actually help.

    The burning sensation in my chest seems to be slowly getting better and is almost hardly noticeable.

    The eczema seems to flare every so often, but the itchyness is no longer present. The rash is just red and doesn’t really bother me. Hopefully the liver support will help.

    My eye allergies seem to flare up occasionally but are getting better each day. The pain seems to be minimal most days. I also noticed the black rings and bags around my eyes are almost gone.

    The prostate issue also seems to be clearing up. I don’t have hardly any pain in my bowels anymore and the urge to urinate seems to be normal.

    I had to cut out eggs as it seems I am intolerant of them. The only animal product in my diet is antibiotic free chicken. Everything else is fruits/vegetables. My tongue is still nice and pink.

    Overall, it seems my body is slowly adjusting and going back to “normal” . I believe once I add the liver detox supplements it will speed up recovery.

    When I skip going to the gym, I can definitely feel a difference. I feel exercise is important because it helps with cell regeneration. If you’re not exercising, you’re not healing properly.

    Good luck!


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    I forgot to mention, chemical sensitivity has drastically decreased. When I first started my protocol in January, I couldn’t bare to be around any kind of chemical. This includes fire smoke, fragrances, I was even becoming intolerant to my own deodorant.

    When I walk outside into the fresh air, I can now smell the earth again and I can now bare to wear a small amount of cologne.

    I am 100% sure my body is healing and I have no plan to go back to my old habits.

    At the rate my body is healing, I am going to say I should be “healed” and living healthy again within 2 years.

    The only two things I do not think I will be able to heal are the lipomas and cysts. However.. I do have some ideas for topical treatment. Since I am constantly detoxing and cleansing from the inside, I believe if I attack the lipomas and cysts from the outside then my body will heal on the inside and prevent further ones from forming.


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    Amazing story, Will, 80% symptoms similar to mine. When felt better and I started to eat bananas and some other food like you again and everything was fine for the first month. I returned to sports, my weight began gaining back and I was happy. But then all returned back within one week.


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    Thanks for the post. Gives me hope.


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    Things still seem to be going well. I have noticed though that my eyes are constantly red and yellow which suggest my liver and gallbladder are congested.

    I am having 2-3 bowel movements per day which means I am ready to flush the liver and gallbladder.

    When I was 17, I had issues with vomiting bile and terrible acid reflux. I also remember passing a gallbladder stone (at the time I did not know what it was and it scared the shi* out of me).

    I went to the hospital the other night and had a panel done on my liver and pancreas as my mother recommended me to do so. All blood tests were normal.

    So, I read online that liver and gallbladder congestion can cause the yellowing of the eyes and allergies in general.

    I ordered the following book: The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body from Amazon

    I had planned on doing a parasite cleanse this week, however, I do not think my liver and gallbladder can handle any more cleansing so I will be doing the above flush before I do any more cleansing for parasites.

    I plan on doing the liver/gallbladder flush over the next month or so and have decided to hold off on the parasite cleanse until I can clear up some of this congestion.

    Any advice from someone who has done these kind of flushes before would be much appreciated.

    In regards to Candida, my tongue is still bright pink. My eczema on my leg is still under control (sometimes the skin is light red, but no itching anymore).

    The red/yellow eyes are whats concerning to me and I’m hoping that this flush will help clear it up.

    My stomach is still flat and my flatulence has continued to decrease. It is no where near as bad as it was 5 months ago. (it was so bad I couldn’t even sit beside anyone at work because I was constantly passing gas).

    Good luck!


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    I’m still feeling okay for the most part. Occasional hay fever. My progress is still moving along at a slow rate. I’ve decided to try a water fast instead of the liver flush previously mentioned. Mainly because I do not want to ingest epsom salts.

    I plan on trying a 3-4 day water fast following up with a 2-3 smoothie/juice fast.

    I have been reading about the benefits of water fasting in regards to helping the liver cleanse the blood. You can refer to the following URL:

    Basically, it states that when we digest food, the liver is unable to cleanse the toxins in our blood, even when eating a healthy diet as I have been.

    Water fasting allows for maximum filtration of your blood by the liver and gallbladder. Since the issue is that I have spent many years abusing my body and ingesting toxic food, it only makes sense to give digestion a break and focus on detoxing again.

    My goal of the fast is to try and get rid of the itchy eyes I’ve had for the past few months. I will report back with results.


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    After being so fed up with my eye problems, I decided to visit urgent care again. My mom said she smelled infection on my breath.

    Over the last year I’ve lost my sense of smell and this past week my eyes swelled shut. I kept thinking my yellow eye tint was from liver problems from drug abuse, however, it turns out that I’ve had a silent chronic sinus infection (bacterial) for over a year.

    I had been treating my sinus issues as allergies, however, that seems to not be the case. I am currently having to take Augmentin and Prednisone. While I obviously don’t approve of using these medicines, I have to take them.

    After being on them for only 24 hours, I’m pulling some of the nastiest shi* out of my sinus cavity. I hocked up mucous from my nose and spit it out and it was pure green. Absolutely horrible.

    I’ve doubled up on my probiotics while I take antibiotics and my tongue is still bright pink so far. The lingering digestive issues are also clearing up. Seems like the infection has been draining into my intestines causing issues.

    A little background on sinus issues is that I used to snort drugs about a year and a half ago while I was addicted to opiates. I have been drug free for over a year. Hence why I am 100% this infection is bacterial and it makes sense why the diet and Candida treatment has helped all of my other issues except this.

    I have seen multiple doctors in the past year to try and figure out why I hadn’t been feeling “normal” and I now have hopes that this silent sinusitis has been making me extremely sick.

    I also had to get antibiotic eye drops from where the infection has spread into my eyes which has been causing the yellow tint. Growing up, even with ear problems and other issues, I always had pearl white eyes until recently. I hope to god this clears all of this up.

    I plan on going to get a neti pot and sinus irrigation kit after work.

    I will report back in 10 days.


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    Im on day 10 of antibiotics. My sinus infection has cleared and it seems that my IBS and prostate/bowel pain is also clearing up.

    I suspect I’ve had a chronic bacterial prostate infection as well that has put a halt to my overall healing.

    I’m more than likely going to be on antibiotics for 1-2 months. However, as soon as I’m done with the antibiotics, I plan on doing a candida/parasite cleanse. I’m taking RenewLife 90 billion – probiotic capsules 2-3 times a day. Bowel movements are 2-3 times a day. Tongue is still pink. My appetite has sky rocketed. I literally want to eat everything I see.

    The remaining “eczema” rash on my legs seems to be 100% clear. I suspect this was a result of toxins from the bacterial infections.

    I have even introduced foods back into my diet to test for reactions and so far, I do not appear to be having any kind of immediate allergies. I’m thinking the diet and supplements I’ve been on for the past 6 months have done some work on my intestines and has helped heal the small/large intestines. Now I just gotta get these bowels cleaned out. I have an enema kit and I was thinking of starting them once I am off of the antibiotic treatment. (I don’t wanna go flushing bacteria up into my colon, so it’s probably best to just wait).

    The yellow eyes are slowly clearing up as well. I suspect the yellow eyes is just a result of toxins from the bacterial infections that Ive had for the past few months.

    I’ve also stopped all vitamins until my eyes are 100% clear just to be sure the eye color change is not from some type of vitamin overdose or detox reaction.

    All my blood panels are normal so I’m hoping once the two bacterial infections are clear my body will be able to finish healing and I’ll be back to feeling “normal” .

    My family doctor wants me to get screened for Hepatitis and STDs for the yellow eyes. I had a prostate infection a few years back that took 1-2 months to clear up and when I had that infection my lips swelled up. This time around it seems my eyes swelled shut. Either way, I seem to be doing 100% better in regards to the remaining ailments I’ve had these past few months. The “allergies” doctors kept saying I had are finally going away. Again, I believe my immune system has been in a hyperactive state for months because of the chronic bacterial infections.

    My advice is to pay attention to your body. I had been writing off my prostate issues as having an enlarged prostate, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been walking around with a bacterial infection for quite some time that has been making me feel ill. Luckily, when I finally decided to get treatment for the sinus infection, I noticed my IBS and prostate issues started clearing up as well.

    These past few months have been a hell of a rollercoaster and I’m learning new information everyday.


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    Oh yeah… I forgot to mention. I received a sheet of paper from the urgent care about yeast overgrowth in your mouth and intestines.

    Basically, it said to take probiotics while taking antibiotics and to keep taking them for 1-2 months after. I may even find the sheet and upload it for you all to see.

    The ENT I seen also told me to make sure I am taking probiotics.

    It seems the doctors around here are starting to catch on to the dangers of antibiotic use and yeast problems. I found it very interesting.


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    Thank you for youre post. Found a lot usefull stuff there. Good luck with ure plans! Lets be all healthy and strong


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    Good luck. Keep up your routine. The story is real. Dedication is the key to kicking Candida. I am going on my 14 month. It has been a struggle.


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    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been very curious about what a candida diet plan for a weightlifter would look like, specifically on best strategy to gain calories/mass and supplement intake. Are you aware of any scientific studies that exist based around this same topic? Taking in a high amount of carbs is frowned upon on this diet but I’d like to further understand the correlation between carb value and rigorous exercise output.

    As for pre-workout supplements, do you take any currently that are deemed ‘safe’ for the candida diet? Caffeine is something I would like to include but everything that I’ve read says to avoid it at first.

    Please share your updates on doctor’s visit, hope you’re recovering well.


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    I would not recommend any pre-workout supplements. The diet I’ve outlined above seems to be the cleanest route to go. Food should be enough to get you lean/bulked up. Just eat a ton of chicken. Like I said before, learn how to do a macro split and try the 45/35/25 split (45% protein, 35% carbs and 25% fats). Candida thrives on unhealthy carbs. If you’re eating healthy carbs, you’ll be fine.

    You can see my 3 month progress photo at . Before I started I was 200lbs and had no muscle and just a beer gut. Right now im out of the gym and fell off my diet so I’ve lost alot of my gains. I’m not quite 200lbs, but I went from 172 back up to 178-180ish.

    The reason is that, I’ve been seeing an ENT for my sinus issues. Apparently, the drugs I sniffed a few years ago caused some issues with my frontal sinuses. They are swollen shut and can’t drain properly based on the CT scan I had done.

    I’m waiting for confirmation on whether or not I’m going to have balloon sinuplasty to open them back up and have them drained/cleaned. Antibiotics aren’t working (obviously, my sinuses haven’t drained properly in 2 years).

    So.. if I can ever get my sinuses fixed up, I’ll be back to the gym and back on the protocol I listed above.

    Right now, I’m eating mostly chicken whenever I eat take out food and white rice. Either way, I’m hoping they can fix my sinuses because it feels like someone punched me in the face and my eyes keep swelling shut whenever I try to exercise.

    Good luck!


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    Will, do you mean that you cured the infection only through a strict diet? I fell better on a strict diet, I mean I don’t feel self-intoxication on that diet but very weak, lack of energy and losing weight. Whenever I try to introduce into my diet something like oats or wheat or any other whole food (with fiber) in about 40 mins I feel like a crap (I guess it’s time it takes for the food to reach the large intestine where I have my bad bugs).

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