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    I’ve been battling this for about 2 years now, it all started when I had a massive anxiety attack to the point that I thought that I was having a heart attack. Like many other people that post on the forum I saw doctor after doctor and had test after test all off them telling me the same thing, there’s nothing wrong with you.
    Eventually I began researching on my own what the hell could be wrong with me. I came across many websites and a ton of information on Candida, took all the little assessments that you find on alot of the websites and scored off the charts. There was no doubt in my mind that I found out exactly what was plaguing me. I had all the signs, headaches, sore throat, oral thrush, re-occuring rashes, digestion problems, acid reflux, anxiety/panic, and many more issues.
    About a year ago I discussed this with doctors I was seeing and like many people I was told basically it’s not that there’s no proof that it even exists. So like many other people I went to my chiropractor and started discussing all of this with her she turned me on to candibactin, and bentonite clay, some fiber and something else. She gave me the plan and what to do, how to eat, and so on. It was great for about 2 months I was losing weight, had a ton of energy, felt great, slept great, my wife loved it because I no longer snored things were going great.
    Then all of the sudden it hit me chills, lethargy, flu like symptoms, I felt like death, chest pains, acid reflux, I only wanted to sleep and that was it for three straight days. I knew better to I knew these were the die off symptoms all the research I had done all the time I had spent learning about it I knew what was occuring, but I wanted it to stop immediately, Some Ginger Ale and some bread took care of it within a day I was feeling better back on my feet. I had given up I thought simply I would just return to the diet and continue were I left off, but I couldn’t bare to take any of that stuff again slowly I returned to eating bad again, brought soda back into my diet, and pretty much just let it all go again. I gained 30 of the 60 pounds I had lost back within 6 months. I was tired again all the time, the heart burn and muscle aches returned and in general I felt like crap.
    Over the next year I tried multiple things, diets, programs, excercise programs and so on non of it worked non of did what I needed it to do. So here I am bound and determined to go through it again but this time I’m finishing the job. Placed my order for the necessary items this morning I’m on day 1 of the initial cleanse before I implement the entire program. I’m excited to head back down this path, I’m excited to get my life back, to enjoy my family again.
    I plan on updating this as often as possible it will serve as my diary on how I feel what I’m thinking and what is going on through out this process.


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    Thanks for sharing your story. If you are interested, we have the forum “protocol” for a good treatment plan, a forum cleanse, and a forum diet (food list).

    Things typically get worse before they get better and after about a month or so you should start to feel a ton better.


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