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    I began eating Paleo about 6 weeks ago and was feeling great. About a week ago my skin went crazy! Itchy, burning rash developed over my whole neck, chest, insides of elbows and my eyes swelled and were red. I searched for answers and began using the bentonite clay / psyllium drink, vitamin C, milk thistle, nettle tea and molybdenum. I am slowly getting better. My eyes are clear, my neck is much better than it was, but my arms actually seem a little worse. I have only been able to find one person’s story of starting on a strict diet and ending up with die off symptoms. I never felt flu like or sick. Is this possible and has anyone heard of this? I am sticking to an even stricter form of Paleo for now and eliminated sugars and fruit. Just wondered if the expert forum peeps out there have seen this happen to people. ??? I always suspected I had a candida issue, but I don’t have yeast infections. I have a huge history of allergies and eczema. Definitely need to learn more. 🙂


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    Itching is a very common die-off symptom.


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