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    I have been on the candida diet for over four months now. But only for 18 days I’ve been following Able and Raster’s protocol, since doing this I have for the first time started to notice slight improvements. What I have done to help reduce any more trial and error tribulations is to firstly identify what I am allergic to, stick to the diet and finally, no more “motivational cheat moments”. For some this may come across as a bit over the top, but from what I’ve learned so far is that I am extremely allergic to sugar and can’t afford to go backwards anymore as I’ve been living in the shadows for too long now, I was not showing any signs of improvement with the less cautious attitude of eating only tiny bits of sugar, as somehow it just all added up and with the brain fog it was generally very difficult to keep track of everything. I find it takes a very long time to actually realise how long you are accidentally setting yourself back or compromising your recovery when your doing this diet and supplements as die off and inflammation are fairly constant and similar in my situation. Doing it in this fashion will give me the confidence that I am going forward rather than back or remaining stationary for that matter! I have developed over time the confidence and discipline to stay on the diet and tackle this candida and gut once and for all!

    After 7 days of following A&R’s protocol I was starting to notice improvements in adrenal stress, cognitive function and pain in muscles, which are intrinsically linked to my mood and behaviour. But, on the 8th day I went to have further tests: Adrenal Stress Profile, Gut Fermentation Profile, Protein Digestion & Metal Toxicity Levels. For one of the tests I was given a water solution with 5 grams of sugar in it, since then all my symptoms came back, so therefore have had to start again. Grrr.. Deep breath a few times…stiff upper lip…smile and move on!
    Those improved symptoms havent quite returned yet even 8 days later but the reason I believe is, is that I am taking more antifungals now, so time will tell, but mostly I am confident with the route I am going there isn’t much which can set me back.
    Due to my VERY low stomach acid and I imagine overwhelmingly unbalanced flora, as a result I believe I have malabsorption.

    My backstory about Brain Fog:

    My supplements:

    Vitamin C – Solgar (3000 to 5000mg per day)
    Vitamin D3 – Healthy Origins 1x 5000iu per day)
    Megaflora 20 Billion Probiotic – 1x per meal
    Zinc Picolinate – Solgar (1x 22mg per day)
    Magnesium Glycinate – Nutri (3x per meal)
    Fresh Flax seed Oil 3 6 9
    Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate – Solgar (450mg per day)
    1 a day Multivitamin & Mineral – Biocare
    Liver Support Complex – Terra Nova (2 per day)
    Milk Thistle – Solgar (1x per day)
    SF722 – Thorne Research (8-15 per day)
    Bio-Gest – Thorne Research (1-2 per meal depending on meal)
    Bio B12 – Thorne Research
    Swedish bitters (Once every so often to flush liver)
    Nutrispore– Nutri (3x a day antifungal complex)
    Nutri Whole Pituitary – Nutri (1 a day)
    Nystatin – From Homeopath (1 spoon per day at night just before bed- Alternating with SF722)
    Coconut Oil – Biona (2-5 spoons per day)
    Neo Garlic One a day (One in the morning and one just before bed)


    – In the morning I get extreme dry burning sensation in throat which prolongs for few hours after waking
    – Rash on neck
    – Ringworm on chest
    – Severe Brain Fog
    – Constant feeling of die off or adrenals going mad
    – Moderate Hair loss (receding hair line)
    – Mood swings
    – Severe irritability (Depending on antifungals as well)
    – Mild situational depression
    – Fatigue
    – Clicky joints
    – Sore muscles – Lower back, calves and underarms especially
    – Constant gluey popping ears (like when you try and clear them from atmospheric pressure on a plane)
    – Itchy scrotum
    – Spots inbetween legs and on face

    Childhood problems:

    – Constant ear aches and a few infections, was completely unable to go any further than a metre underwater without extreme pain from pressure in ear.
    – Had metallic taste in my mouth I remember for about 2-3 weeks as a child
    – Use to have nose bleeds very often, had nose quarterized 3 times.


    Should I buy fulvic acid to help aid absorption?
    I dont feel I am supplementing well enough for my leaky gut, what would you reccommend? Slippery elm?
    Apart from kefir or yoghurt what would be a good way to ingest as much beneficial bacteria as possible?
    (I guess i could double up on my Megaflora 20 mill?)
    I have no “snackfoods” and was thinking of pumpkin seeds as a good form, but wary it might feed the candida, any thoughts?


    My gut is reactive to pork, shellfish, gluten, starch, yeast, soy, sugar.

    Diet: Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Courgettes, Onions, Green peppers, Spinach, Lettuce, Rocket, green beans, Leeks
    Chicken, Duck, Salmon, Trout.

    Recent problems, but now rectified: wasnt digesting food so bought Thorne Bio Gest (with HCl, pepsin, pancreatin, and ox bile) stopped xylitol, pork, xylitol chocolate, nuts and beef.

    Moving forward:

    – Improve supplementation for healing of gut
    – Going to try and ingest more probiotics
    – Start eating big helpings of prebiotics
    – Not drink the kefir I made due to possible set back from sugar in it

    FYI I have just read “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and by gosh it was a revelation for me, I recommend everyone to read it. The book stresses the importance of keeping your gut in good health in order to keep you healthy and functioning optimally and how if your digestive system isn’t working its likely everything else isn’t. You have to look at it as if your body is a factory line starting with your digestive system, if that messes up the first job, the rest of the organs will not be able to do a good job, as they were not designed to deal with the mess up the digestive system sent to them. The way I see the D system is that its the engine keeping us functioning normally because, if its not working, like if we have low stomach acid we wont be able to absorb nutrients for essential health. The gut flora is vital to build up your immune system, keep your brain working normally, and mainly as a way of protecting you from things such as candida. Some people especially caeserian or fed with bottled milk rather than breast fed are much more likely to be predisposed to these problems due to not receiving enough benefical bacteria in your gut as a child. So the moral of the story is keep the balance with bacteria and make sure you have enough stomach acid.

    Thanks for reading,


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    I’ve also taken out Bob Mills Oat bran (even though its a good prebiotic) due to tbe starch (sugars?) and my oesophagus enflames when I smoke cigarettes or anything else. Presume smoking will have to stop for now..


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    Hi mate,
    if you have very low stomach acid and reacted so strong to sugar! You should look into a condition called SIBO which mimics Candida.

    Best link:
    Best book teaching about bacteria and guts for SIBO:
    Best teaching on intestines and bacteria and best diet:



    Topics: 46
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    Thanks Thomas for this insight, how thoughtful of you. I am going to look into this after I receive my results on Monday.


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    Thanks so much for your post, I can totally identify with your struggle. You asked about flora, I recently discovered the benefits of fermented veggies as a way to establish and rebuild flora in the gut. Foods such as kimchi and saurkraut are pretty excellent! I noticed changes in bowl output after only a few days of consuming. I noticed too that my severe chronic dry hair disappeared, overnight. My brain fog has drastically diminished as well, but I credit the garlic pill and wild yam pills that I recently started to take. I wish you much luck!

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