My FS722/SAUNA protocol starting 2019. Advices from All & OGs (Raster) here?

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    Hi everyone and OGs,

    I’m (26yo, male) been suffering from digestive problems for years since taking antibiotic roughly 8 years ago. I try not to eat sugars all my life but HIGH CARB DIET plus LOW STOMACH ACID really set my health back (fatigue, medium depression, lack of focus, skin problems).

    Here’s what I’m currently do for the past 1-2 months to prepare for the candida protocol:
    – 5-6 tbsp of Coconut Oil
    – Organic Meat and Veggies (salt & pepper, herbs) – max 3 meals per day
    – 3-4 grams of vitamin C, Minerals from Celtic Sea Salt
    – B-Complex, Mag/Cal Citrate 1:1 ratio, Vitamin A/D from Rosita EVCLO
    – 6-8 pills 650mg of Betaine HCL per meal
    – Dry Skin Brushing

    Starting Jan 2019, I want to introduce:
    – FS722
    – Molybdenum Glycinate
    – UP4 Ultra with DDS-1 (acid and bile resistant) – 50 billion CFU. I believe this company has their DDS-1 patented.
    – Sauna (3-5 days per week)
    – Broccoli Sprout cooked juice + Mastic Gum (optional to get rid of H-Pylori as well)

    What do you think of my detox plan with Sauna and Molybdenum? Do you think I need to add anything else? Of course, I will introduce them slowly to prevent hard-die off. If that happens, I really hope the 15/20-mins sauna would help.


    king tut
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    I would go easy on the probiotics until you get the candida weakened or removed. Maybe try Saccromyarces boulardii with the sf722 instead of the probiotics.

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