My die off

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    Hi folks

    I am pretty new to all this. I was recommended to candida by a nutritionist who is ultimately aiming to treat leaky gut. I am on a semi strict diet with no sugar or yeast products, however it is not as strict or as strictly kept as the diet on this website. The main component of my programme are my antifungals, specifically oil of oregano. I started on them seven days ago and had worked my way up to the ‘minimum’ recommended dose of 6 a day 2 days ago.

    In the initial 3 or 4 days as i took 2 to 4 a day, i had unpleasant but relatively marginal brain fog, anxiety, flatulence, stomach upset and frequent loose bowel movements. However at the end of the day i took 6 of my antifungals i had the most awful earth shattering panic attack. I told my girlfriend i thought i was going to die. I felt so odd and foreign and strange it was horrific. I didnt take any of my antifungals yesterday because of this however i continued to have a really intense die-off. In the morning i felt as though i were extremely hungover and by evening i had an odd feeling throughout my entire body and was verging on terrible panic yet again. I have had many panic attacks before but these sensations were still extremely bizarre. I dont feel i can communicate properly just how foreign these physical and mental sensations were.

    Having not taken any of my oregano yesterday, and having drank a lot of fluids, i have woken up this morning feeling a little more normal. I just dont know where i should go from here though? Clearly candida must be a problem for me however i cant face going through that trauma again. I suspect my die off will fluctuate throughout today as it has done in the past few days but i just hope it doesnt return to those toxic levels.

    What should i do? Can anyone relate to having such terrible die off symptoms?


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    Are you taking chelated molybdenum? You are supposed to start that 3 days before antifungals. It binds to the die off toxins and helps excrete them faster. The liver detoxes your hormones, anger, and all the crap we through at it daily with parabens in our shampoo, 800 die off toxins, etc. i’ve noticed bouts of anger as ive been healing the liver and read thats normal. You should email able for the strict diet otherwise you are going to keep feeding the yeast and lengthening your die off period. Milk thistle helps regenerate liver cells and protects future damage.


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    Read our protocol and decide whether or not you’d like to follow the same plan as most of the forum members.
    Let me know if you want the diet as well.

    The Protocol




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    More antifungals won’t cure you, the more is not the merrier as you can see. I have not seen anything you are doing to protect your liver and kidneys from toxins, and this is the key if you want to feel better. How you feel daily is directly related to the liver and what you are doing is harming the liver.

    What you are doing is very common when you don’t do things correctly. I’ve seen this happen to maybe over 100 people on the forum.



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    I’ve been doing yearly detoxes for a few years (before starting the candida treatment last month), and I pretty much always have at least one or two days where I feel emotionally terrible. Sort of panicky, or really sad, or really agitated, angry, etc. I agree with Emsmith. While I don’t have hard science to back this up, based on my experience, I think the body is metabolizing stress hormones that we haven’t had time to process yet, and to get them out of your body, you end up experiencing the emotions associated with them.

    Definitely support your liver and kidneys. After years of neglect/abuse, they need help in order to help you.


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    Thanks for responses.

    I am drinking a lot of fluids, particularly chamomile and a number of different detox teas. Those teas have burdock and milk thistle in but im not sure of the quantities. I’ve also started taking vitamin C.

    I had been slacking on the diet in the hopes that it would shorten my die off. However i have noticed feeling much worse after eating. Am i right in thinking that eating correctly will lessen and shorten my die off?

    As for symptoms, my anxiety has subsided (relatively speaking), as has my stomach upset. In their place i am feeling very weary, disorientated, my thoughts appear somewhat off kilter, im often light headed, and now i feel as though i have a sort of strange head pressure. Having said that, symptoms are fluctuating and are disappearing as quickly as they appear.

    I think i will stay away from oil of oregano until i am feeling substantially better.


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    I agree with everyone else, you need to detox faster and protect your liver and kidneys. Take it easy with antifungals. You want candida gone quickly, but at what cost? You may get rid of candida sooner, but end up with damaged organs and a whole different set of symptoms and health problems. And what if the damage you’ve done is irreversible?

    The point of antifungals is to reduce the symptoms, not make them worse. Take low dose first, then slowly increase as you feel that that dose is not working, and so on. When your symptoms reduced, then go into slow treatment/maintenance stage where you will be boosting up on your probiotics and eat all the right foods to get healthy and not feed the beast within. Or if you react to antifungals that much, just do the diet for a while and then when you feel a bit better, ease into some antifungals.

    I had a few horrible die-off episodes where I was in bed for days barely able to get up to go to the bathroom. I say it’s not worth it. I had no access to chelated molybdenum and realized this is not the way to do it. I did the diet and only some of the natural antifungal foods (garlic, coconut oil but small doses, etc.), and probiotics. I am at the point that I enjoy my meals and are 99% symptom free. I did start the diet a year ago, but am almost symptom free for about 4 months already. And by symptom free I mean I enjoy life and go trough it smiling all the time! Tiny bits that linger are those off days that I might get once a month where I just don’t feel super but average.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you do things a bit smarter from now on!


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