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    I’m 38 years old and over the past few years i have experienced and array of symptoms. Jock itch, nail fungal, Rosacea, Hives, Headaches, Depression & Anxiety but to name a few. Like many people I finally realised that the doctors would only treat the symptoms with an array of antibiotics for the problems to manifest with a month or two. Why? Because I continued eating the same high sugar/carbohydrate diet that caused the problem in the first place.

    I was addicted three or four chocolate bars a day, four flat whites, croissants, burgers chips and bread. I would be either high on sugar or low searching for it.

    I drew a line in the sand when huge spots starting appearing all over my face. I went to see a nutritionist who did a urine test to check the levels of the various strains of yeast within my gut. Guess what it was some of the highest she had seen.

    Skeptical I did two separate food allergy tests and both came back as yeast, milk and coconut intolerant.

    And lastly I did some normal blood tests which came back with high cholesterol at 7.2 but everything else except Vit d within the normal range.

    The results were in I was in a poor state and had to do something.

    I was 5ft 11in and 87kg when I started. I started by juicing for three days and after the third day my legs felt as though they were on fire I could barely walk, looking back this was clearly too much strain within a short space of time. So I started eating just vegetables, brown rice and meat or fish. Coupled with some supplements i got off the Internet. Within days I was getting pains all over my body, numbness, brain fogg, I couldn’t concentrate it was he’ll. I also cheated by saying maybe I can eat normally when I’m out for dinner. I believe this made the die off continue. I was seeing progress, I had no sugar cravings, my spots died down, my Jock itch disappeared and my energy levels increased.
    However these were replaced by severe health anxiety because of the constant pains.
    For me the die off has been he’ll.
    But I had not been doing it properly I work in a job where entertaining is the done thing. I wouldn’t eat deserts but I would eat pretty much everything else on the menu providing there was no yeast, additionally i was still drinking two flat whites a day.
    I had lost weight and most of the original issues but these die off symptoms would not go away.
    Until three weeks ago, I got serious. I told my work, friends and family I would not be eating out for three months as I’m on a strict diet.
    I started the paleo diet with oregano and calpric acid supplement, coupled with specific probiotics lactobacillus GG & Saccharomyces Boulardii. Three weeks in and I’m sympton free I weigh 75kg which is about 22 bmi and my skin is looking fresh. Additionally my cholesterol is 4.8 I must have been doing something right.

    The key is persistence and eventually giving in, no cheating just veg, nuts and organic meat/hook and line caught fish.

    I have given in and now over Christmas am I seeing clear results.

    I have six weeks to go and I will get another test to check my 3-oxoglutaric, tartaric, arabinose and hipperuric yeast levels.

    I’m keen to hear anyone’s views around my experience.

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