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    Here my candida problem,
    (I had depression and anxiety for quite sometime.)

    Early March, I didnt know i have guts candida cause I recently just found out, stool for candida, same as mine weeks before march (mushy yellow sticky and strain like stool),

    Everytime, i took dairy product, and coffee, diarrhea strike like crazy, and start develop weird lining inside my cheek,
    2 md and 1 dentist can’t find the causes, cause just look red and very sandpaper, 1st 2 md, think im might get hiv, its gave fear me so bad, i took hiv test, within that 3 days, all acute hiv symptoms appear, until the result out, negative, all symptoms were gone and still i have candida but i dont know.

    3 weeks later, i go see another md, he can assure its candida, prescribed me 5 days flucanazole 100mg, and 5drip x3 nystatin oral treatment and Heinz ACV. Its did goes mild but nothing changes, until i start using coconut oil, its gone. My diarrhea gone.

    I start eat like normal, until i took a cheese bun and white rice, my candida flare up like crazy, my stool became candida stool, so my md requested took a full body blood test, result, im good. He think maybe my stress cause it.

    So i took another weeks of flucanazole 100mg for extra 3days,
    Heres my recent weeks diet, its goes better, until i took extra bowl of rice cause i starved. My candida flare up like crazy again, cause i didn’t take white rice off my diet, im thinking i have other thing.

    My current diet,
    Bragg ACV – its did help alot, don’t use heinz rubbish, its does sooth my flare up.

    Coconut oil – 1 tbs eat day night, 1 tbs swirl inside mouth 3 time a day.

    Probiotics – 10billion 5 strain, i only can find this locally.
    1 time a day, started double the amount.

    Baking soda – its started make its goes but getting worst, now my tongue has a white coating, before i dont even have coating on my tongue.

    Things getting better but every dinner had white rice and the next day feel worst. Until i took a fried white rice, my candida flare up like crazy.

    I do notice, on flucanazole, my candida wont be that active.
    I started, strict diet listed on this site, no white rice, thing getting better but my tongue still having white coating,
    my stool still like candida stool but, i notice there alot of white spot on the stool, i can’t says its died off effect cause, my mouth still have candida.

    I no longer have,
    -joint pain
    -back pain
    -bloating gas
    -mood swing
    -i dont feel sudden anxiety and depression in my head.

    symptoms still active,
    – developing white tongue
    – diarrhea

    I losing weight around 8kg around 20lbs.
    in 3 weeks,
    diet + exercise.

    Hope it will goes away,

    Will update soon.


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    Here an update for my defeating candida.

    I can asure, now i experiencing candida die off symptoms:

    (My dentist no longer found trace of candida spot in my mouth.)

    My current experiencing symptoms and recovery.
    – Dizziness, sudden headache but not fatigue
    – No longer having candida mushy stool. Solid greenish stool from low carbs high leafy green.
    – minor bowl movement in intestine like gas moving.
    – no back pain or joint pain.
    – candida acne reduced to 1 or 2 spot.
    – my palm color from yellowish to reddish warm color
    – no longer having ear duct yeast infection.
    – no longer having bumpy skin especially on face.
    – tongue edges started turn to pink.
    – gainning back sense of taste.
    – no more rashes and irritation im both of my cheek. (7days ago, its sudden flare up from a dime size to both of my cheeks and tone down to 2 spot and recently its gone.)
    – my cheek now produce saliva on its on now.

    My current diet, added and removed.

    – coconut oil on all my food. 1 tbs each meal.
    – oregano herb and spices on all my food.
    – removed pork
    – removed canola oil
    – Removed WHITE RICE*
    – reintroduced unsweeted natural local yogurt
    – chia seed added to yogurt
    – removed apple cider vinegar
    (Im experience worse after taking too long acv 3tbs 1cup water x 3time a day)
    – lemon 2 slice in my drink
    – egg
    – removing baking soda from my mouth wash. ( baking soda did cause my candida worse after few usage)
    – chicken steam with salt and pepper.
    – no coffee, this make it worse.

    My suppliement, med:
    – I took an extra 2weeks course of itazconazole 100mg once a day on morning.
    – Continue use left over nyastatin solution, changing after dinner to before bed.
    – vitamin c with biofluids 1000mgx2 day and night
    – vitamin b complex
    – 10billion probiotic pill day and night

    Rinse my toothbrush with baking soda 1/4 teaspoon with a glass of water before and after.

    Slow and light teethbrushing.
    (I do notice brushing teeth with full force could make it worse)

    Scrap my tongue.


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    My tongue no longer white patch.
    Experiencing die off effect now, diarrhea small pebble of candida stool, sudden mild dizzy, candida acne.

    After 1 and half month battle with candida, my tongue no longer having white patches. And i can start tasting thing.

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