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    Well I am happy to report that thanks to some very BIG determination and lots of moments of “oh bleeeeeep” I made it. 23 days. No die-off that I can’t deal with and moving things right along literally. There is hope for everyone and if it takes you longer or you are not feeling great remember that there are good days to come! A symptom is not a bad thing it is a message treat it as such and remember this is for you! You deserve to care for yourself and to ensure you are the healthiest you emotionally, spiritually and physically!

    My 23 day history: I lost 12lbs of candida crap and continue to lose a lb almost every few days unless I gorge out on my chicken and veggies LOL and olive oil, so feeling a little weaker and flabbier only because of the diet changes and rapid weight loss lost muscle tone, but needless to say overall I feel great and believe my worst is over. I can regain the muscle tone and don’t regret a thing because being free of the worst symptoms of candida makes all of this worth it!

    My experience with die-off detox aka DOD I call it: I had very BAD die-off it came in spells where it HIT me and at different times – so not predictable whatsoever. I had the dizzy, sweaty palms, feeling of going to pass out but didn’t ever (thank goodness), tired, hot face, cold feet, cold hands, chills, headache from hell on forehead and rash on face that got better then reappeared it is still lingering now even 23 days but it will clear up). I thought I was going to die literally on at least 5 days not together thank goodness! Called a few friends for ER rides that I didn’t take, but thanks to the massive quantity of die-off detox “intel on-line” I was able to cope and just literally hang on to my desk and say “soon this shall be over” yes talking to myself works to help me through (those 3 best friends me, myself and I) always come in handy. Do whatever it takes to get you through. Phone a friend, sing a song, pray to the higher powers – just get through that is the most important.

    My coping with DOD die-off detox: I have oxygen my doctor prescribed it or if you live in a place like Vegas or elsewhere where they have oxygen bars go try it out. Works wonders calms the nerves and also if you are dizzy or feeling like you are going to pass out it helps to make you emotionally feel better knowing you have the oxygen. Plus it is safe and very healthy. You see the pro athletes with their O2 on the sidelines now more than ever before and its relatively cheap $15 a tank if you pay cash rental. I also drank a LOT of water with lemon, dandelion tea, peppermint tea, nettleleaf tea, and hot water with lemon. I have 4 or 5 cups on my desk that I am constantly refilling and rotating. I also ate lots- ate salads, steamed veggies, chicken. Don’t stop eating and take your fiber. You need to poop so be sure you get fiber because this diet doesn’t have lots of it. I used senna tea 3x because of constipation. You can’t get over the DOD unless you crap it out so if you get stuck you better unplug or you will be sorry. I knew that so although it was not pleasant with the senna tea it was better than the alternative.

    Journal: I kept a diary of my experiences, what I ate, what supps I took, who was supportive who was an asshole and literally cleaned house personally, professionally and physically. Looking forward to a bright anti-candida lifestyle ahead. I won’t be introducing the foods to avoid and find it easy to check in to this lifestyle because I understand it and can physically and emotionally see the difference from being active in the lifestyle and not. Pizza, Beer, and crappy food in a bag or that comes bundled up in some plastic container I don’t want near me much less in my body. In fact I will never be unkind to anyone not my personality but I don’t have a lot of respect for people who bitch and moan about this physical ailment or that one when they eat crap everyday. Put crap in crap will lead to crap as in being physically ill.

    My pointers:

    I had acute symptoms to start with so I just plunged in cold turkey and started with a liver flush of the ginger, olive oil and clove of garlic and damn near lost it. So don’t do that. Especially if you have elevated liver enzyme or active symptoms you will surely be in DOD fast (die-off detox) and that sucks big time. *Raster warned me but I wasn’t sure what my body could or could not handle and figured I would see. I would not repeat the experience again.

    Start with the diet changes first is what I would do if I had to do it over not the cleanse itself with the liquids and I would not have tried to go anti-fungal and probiotic as quickly. Slowly and easy because the die-off happens fast enough with the diet changes alone. DOD is also no fun and unless you have been in a life or death circumstance or had a really horrible flu or something it will or could scare the shit out of you. It is pretty bad stuff.

    Fiber saved me the NOW fiber is now my staple, going to find some others that I can travel with me since that has to be refrigerated (any suggestions I will take thank you).

    Anti-fungals: Caprylic is my long term supp I was prescribed this already by a doc so going to stick with that because it helps with leaky gut but even then going slow now and would go slower if I had to do over.. Was taking 2 per day and believe starting slower and allow the diet first to work its way through then add the supps would be my choice if I had to do it over. Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oregano Oil are my other choices for anti-fungal. I also drink lots of Nettleleaf and dandelion tea and will continue. I love tea so this works well for me.

    For probiotic: I am sticking with the VSL3. My natural doc recommended, the traditional GI specialist doctor recommended (if you could afford it) and it is the best that I have read about and found so will stick with this unless a better one is found. I prefer the sachet because you get the 450 billion cultures and can split the packets up make them last for week vs capsules that are gone fast!

    Diet: The diet is pretty easy for me I used to eat fruit now I don’t. I was bummed at first I loved my fruit in my am smoothie now it is forgotten. I may try a grapefruit but many months from now and when I feel that I want it. I really don’t miss it. Diet is antibiotic free chicken, all the veggies on Raster’s approved list and no (spinach for me, red peppers or eggs those all tore me up) otherwise I am going veggies, my chicken, sardines and lots of EVOO, some brown rice now and again a few tablespoons once in a while. I used to eat a lot of lentils haven’t in 23 days not sure I will eat much of them either except for a spoonful now and again.

    An aside: I was worried I would be sick and the die-off detox symptoms were going to derail my bar studies so I had big emotional pressure and physical pressures as well not too mention the concerns that this issue was going to be permanent. I can say thankfully that I see the light of day, no that it won’t be permanent and so long as I stay clear of those that don’t understand this issue but yet so freely give their opinions LOL and just mind myself I don’t believe I will ever need another antibiotic again. Every ailment I had was treated immediately by an antibiotic but it should have been first treated with food, supplements and information but that is not taught yet in our traditional medical schools in the US so until then we must stay strong and fight our own battles and save your energy for yourself. One cannot convince another human being who is not open to learning or considering another side or point of view. So rather than battle just check out and move on is my advice.

    My future with anti-candida: I hope to connect with a doctors, experts and others who have suffered and put together a web site, forum that offers private messaging and support and do so from a non-profit stance. I have a non-profit currently that I started for crime victims called Survivors In Action and believe that candida needs the same type of support and attention. There is so much information and so many so called experts and opinions of many selling products but we need to have more in one place. And connect more sufferers and survivors together. If you are interested in being part of the candida non-profit idea let me know. alexis(at) or visit my web site and contact me via there. I will be working on this in my spare time LOL, which I don’t have lots of but it is definitely my goal to do this and I will. Candida should be no different than cancer and it should have the same support, attention and regard as any disease there is because it is “real” and what the experts in the big pharma companies don’t want is all of us to understand that it has a lot to do with our general health and the drugs prescribed albeit lifesaving (antibiotics saved me when I was 3 and was supposed to die of what is called H-flu) I know and will always state that but for the over-use of the antibiotic, unhealthy American diet (it is primarily an American issue processed foods etc) I/we would not have been here.

    Good luck to all and stay the course! A bad day today or a episode today is part of life just be patient and know that this is a long term battle. Find a strong support network online, offline and remove those from your life that won’t support you unless they are a client and you need them to survive and pay for the supps and so forth LOL.

    Stay in touch with me and thank you Raster and group for all the input!

    -Alexis Moore
    Survivor of DOD


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    There are not many success stories. We have to learn from your experience. Could you please summarize how was your diet before and after your change?


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    Hi Alexis, glad to hear a success story on here! I was wondering did you keep track of your tongue coating when you were doing the cleanse? Also, what did you do to detoxify your liver? Did you ever try bone broth?

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