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    A sad candida sufferer
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    Hello there!
    I’m a young female and I’ve had candida overgrowth for roughly 2 months now and I will share all the drugs that I have been on so far and some of the mistakes I have made that made candida stronger and my life even more unsociable than it already was :/
    Prior to getting this infection I had a really nasty bacterial infection in my throat that needed antibiotics. I got prescribed Penicilin and was told to take 2 pills, 4 times a day for 10 days…..And to do SALT AND WATER GARGLES ( Because in the UK docs don’t prescribe probiotics or even mention them)and I shouldn’t have any problems. YEAH RIGHT! I had just become 24 years old as this was happening and 2 weeks later I started noticing my tongue turned into a white walker…
    I went to a pharmacist before I was scheduled to see my GP, which took about a week, and I was given an oral gel called Daktarin gel which I took up until my appointment. It didn’t do absolutely anything for me and the coating began expanding. Finally, my GP prescribed me Nystatin Oral Suspension. Shortly after starting this treatment I began experiencing symptoms such as swollen lymphatic nodes under my chin and armpits, joint pain, I was feeling exhausted all the time and I was also having bad diarrhea. At that point in time I was really clueless about the candida symptoms and thought they might be Nystatin side effects since they coincidentally started after taking it and I called my GP again to ask for an alternative treatment to which he replied that currently there is only the Daktarin gel and Nystatin that treat fungal infections and that I should continue taking this treatment( what a brilliant doctor he is)…And here is the FIRST MISTAKE that I did, I stopped taking Nystatin because I couldn’t afford to shit myself at work and because I stupidly thought I was allergic to it…and switched back to Daktarin gel….After finishing the gel, my tongue looked exactly the same and I had the same symptoms and so I went back to my GP and he said that my tongue actually looks alright and I should stop taking anything but the white coating might take longer to disappear( which I did but I knew it wasn’t right but I was trying not to make a big deal out of it, so you can technically consider this my SECOND MISTAKE)….
    3 days off any fungal medication my lymph nodes are swollen AF and my throat starts aching and I’m not able to even swallow my own saliva…This occured on a Saturday and since the practice that I am registered at doesn’t do week-ends I had to go to a different hospital. This new doctor has a look at my tongue, throat and he concludes that I should be on Nystatin!!! So I had to make him understand that I have an acute pain in my throat and I can’t swallow shit and that surely Nystatin is not the kind of drug to save the day given the severity of my infection….After long battles in his mind and consulting a book he finally gives me a prescription with Fluconazole/ Diflucan 50 mg to take for 7 days( capsules that I wasn’t able to swallow and had to open them and drink the powder :/ )
    First dose was such a relief and it calmed my throat down but I only started feeling better in my 6th day of treatment which is why I went back to him and asked what am I supposed to do from now on. ( Now, at the same time I had experienced extreme dryness in my mouth and constipation but it definitely helped relieve my lymph nodes and the pain, however my tongue was still rocking the white walker look. That whole week I’ve only eaten boiled spinach and coated with lemon zest and towards the end of the week I added salmon since I was slowly becoming able to swallow and not choke on food but no sugars other than the small quantities in those and no yeast,no alcohol, no nothing. That’s when I pretty much started the candida diet and I’m still on it). I also gave him a urine sample in which he found small traces of blood….And he had feared that it might have reached my kidneys since I wasn’t technically due my period but that’s hard to appreciate since I have 1 period per year if even that. He was able to rule out diabetes and also told me to eat more food cuz of sth he saw in the urine and also to finish the treatment and wait for the test results. Which, to this day I still don’t know anything about because I have to wait 3 weeks for a friggin follow up appointment :/, which is next friday. Yay!!! But that blood turned out to be an induced period so I’m not spotting blood or anything like that now.
    So after finishing the fluconazole treatment I just started eating coconut oil and fry my fish in it and also season everything with turmeric…I had garlic as much as I was able to and didn’t experience any die-off symptoms this whole time.
    That’s when I decided to start taking probiotics because I know I have to repopulate my gut with good bacteria and that at some point the coconut oil will loose its effect…But I still can’t swallow pills, and the probiotics that I’m taking are friggin huge so I had to open the capsules and take them with food as instructed from the label. Which I tend to believe it was a mistake because my candida has covered my entire tongue( it’s all white and heavy with red blisters, expecially towards the back) and I think I have patches on my throat that I didn’t have before and my lymph nodes are a bit swollen but not as much as before, but there is no pain but I struggle to swallow water and food again…I had some minor die-off symptoms like nausea and dizziness and decided to just have a smaller dose of probiotics but I’m not sure if I should continue taking them…I called 3 days ago and I managed to get another fungal prescription ( this time Nystan which is actually Nystatin) without a proper consultation cuz my condition isn’t urgent enough to fit into their busy schedules…And I was really hoping it would cause me diarrhea but it didn’t … Look at me, craving diarrhea more than sugar at this point…How I love being 24 …
    So if anyone actually reads this long and boring post, can you please point me in the right direction cuz I’m LOST. Many thanks if you do and I hope you’re doing better than I am!

    I’m just gonna give you a list of all the foods in my current candida diet:
    – fresh spinach (boiled covered in lemon zest)
    – broccoli (boiled covered in lemon zest)
    – salmon/ mackerel grilled with a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil
    – chicken fillets( that actually don’t contain any sugar which is hard to believe)
    – eggs ( boiled or fried in olive oil and covered with turmeric)
    – avocado
    – cucumber
    – onions, garlic
    – Nairn’s organic oatcakes ( wholegrain oats with less the 1% sugar and no yeast, but these aggravate my constipation considerably so I only have them when I feel like I need sth consistent in my stomach)
    And I only drink water and that’s about it…the only cheats I had were 2 pieces of corn that I boiled myself at home and a tiny amount of mashed potatoes when I cook for my boyfriend…

    Fun fact, I stopped kissing him because he has a white coating on his tongue now too, BECAUSE OF ME…and it doesn’t want to go away with the Daktarin gel…I’VE DOOMED US FOR GOOD :((


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    Sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through. The white tongue is probably the hardest thing to get rid of. I still can’t get rid of it and your sounds worse than mine. You may want to try oil pulling with coconut oil. Although the oil pulling won’t completely get rid of the thrust until the larger problem is resolved in your gut, it does offer some relief.
    I haven’t taken any drugs and the reason why is I’ve read several stories similar to yours. The drugs don’t always work and have nasty side effects. You’re on the right path with the coconut oil and probiotics, but consider adding some other antifungals too (there’s a lot to choose from, so do some research). Also, get some NAC, digestive enzymes, or both to break up the candida biofilm. Finally add some vitamins and minerals, definitely vitamin d and magnesium. And I’m convinced that copper (along with zinc) is very important too from my own experience. And for the sore throat and constipation, get slippery elm. It is going to take a while for you to get better, despite what your doctor may think nobody gets rid of candida in a week or two.


    A sad candida sufferer
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    Hi Doublek, thanks for your swift reply!

    I have yet to try a few more natural antifungals such as Pau D’├írco tea, Grapefruit seed extract and others( although some of these don’t discriminate between good or bad bacteria and I don’t want to sabotage my efforts of building that friendly bacteria army, especially since I’m not able to swallow the probiotics in capsules and don’t know just how far they reach gut). I have tried extra virgin apple cider vinegar and it didn’t improve the appearance or my overall mood, it actually irritated my throat and dried it more. Coconut oil, lemon and turmeric seem to work best for me in terms of digestion and have some soothing effects on my tongue and throat. Also drinking loads of water helps a lot. I’m just going to add cayenne pepper and a few others that I can find locally, but I don’t think these will make a huge difference tbh.
    I have now fully eliminated the whole grains oatcakes from my diet and I have had normal stools yesterday and today and I keep adding lemon zest to everything I eat in order to avoid constipation. I was able to scrape off with my toothbrush alone some of the dead cheese on my tongue, except for the area at the back which is thick as hell but still an improvement.
    The only thing I’m not happy about is the dryness of my mouth and throat and I’m pretty sure it’s from probiotics because if I take them every 2 days it gets less aggressive and my lymph nodes shrink down a bit…So I’m just gonna pause them for a few days just because is really hot and I’m sick of these symptoms.
    I’m not sure if these symptoms are a sign that probiotics are actually working and whether I’m on the right strain and dosage. I’m taking a brand called Acidophilus( Ultra maximum that contains lactobacillus acidophillus and Bifidobacterium )- 20 billion.But I probably just need a lower dose and more patience.
    In regards to what you said about the drugs, it’s hard to determine whether those are typical symptoms or side effects from the drugs but the reality is I’m still experiencing them, especially when I’m taking the probiotics and with a mild drug like nystan. But in the beginning phase, when candida extended to my esophagus and caused me an acute pain and inability to swallow I had no choice but to treat it with a powerful antifungal. And I still think 7 days were not enough and it should have been at least 10 or 14, if it wasn’t for the blood in my urine. Stopping treatments too early and constantly changing between them can boost candida’s resistance to them and it’s really what I’ve been doing.HUGE MISTAKE!
    I’m definitely going to add those vitamins and minerals and see where that takes me in a few weeks.

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