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    Dear all,

    Everything started for me 5 years ago, when I moved from my parents house and got myself a flat. The one i found happened to be very mouldy. After a few months I noticed I had troubles breathing at night and began to catch a lot of colds and anginas. The different doctors I saw gave me a lot of antibiotics, they made me do a radiography of the lungs and told me nothing was wrong with me. When I started to complain about my breathing problem they would tell me that I was too stressed and I had to relax. I think that’s where i first developed a candidiasis problem. One stupid doctor even told me that I had a major anxiety problem and put me on Prozac. I stupidly trusted him, and so did my parents. I was 18.

    After a year I changed flat, took a more salubrious one. My breathing trouble went away but I continued to fall ill and to take antibiotics … Knowing that Prozac was not useful for me, I decided to quit and it took me several months to do so.

    After that, I moved abroad for a gap year. I kept falling sick, had always a lot of mucus in my throat. I was diagnosed with Asthma and was prescribed some SYMBICORT 400 (budesonide and formoterol). The minute i started to take this cortisone drug I noticed terrible secondary effects : tremor, extreme fatigue, anxiety and inability to read, study and go to classes. I think it’s at this precise moment that the candida really grown and became a major issue in my life. If only i knew.. I came back home for the winter break and saw the stupid doctor who told me I should not have stopped Prozac. I left his office with a new prescription…

    I stayed on Prozac, Symbicort for more than 2 years afterwards. I’ll skip the details but since then I’ve been feeling so bad : terrible fatigue, neck that cracks all the time, diarrheas, constant mucus in my throat, lethargy, inability to read, to study, to learn anything. I always considered myself as one of the best student of my prom. That went away. I’ve been receiving bad grades for 2 years, failed some classes and can’t find any pleasure in studying anymore. The worst is really the brain fog. It’s as if something is constantly beating in my brain.I can’t think clearly, remember things like names, numbers, or the things I’ve done in the past. I have trouble expressing myself in front of people, I’m constantly looking for my words (which definitely never happened to me before since i did some speaking contests in the past). I’ve trouble visualise things, such as a maps and to remember what I’ve read. It’s sooooo soooo exasperating. I missed a lot of parties, lost a great number of friends, and even my girlfriend who got tired of all my problems.

    6 months ago, I started to get thrush on my tongue. I saw many doctors. One even told me that this usually happens with people with cancer… He scarred the shit out of me… I finally met a homeopath/nutritionist doctor who diagnosed a candida overgrowth.

    The exams he made are the following :

    – Tongue sample : presence of candida
    – IgG test for food allergies : positive to eggs, soy, hazelnut, gluten, dairy, agar
    – Candia 5 : 26U
    (Reference values :
    <25 U = NEGATIVE
    25 to 30 U LOW POSITIVE
    > 30 U POSITIVE)
    – Indoxyl sulphate in the urine: +1
    (Reference values:
    1+ : To monitor
    2+ : Beginner, to rebalance
    3+ : Confirmed, to rebalance
    4+ : Advanced, to rebalance)

    He gave me for several months a treatment for my leaky gut :
    – white clay / LGlutamine / a product called cologem and another called MY’COKYL

    After a few weeks on this treatment and diet (no eggs, soy, hazelnut, gluten, dairy, agar) I still had my thrush on my tongue. I could not support this anymore and decided to make a low sugar diet and to stop the symbicort. I made the mistake to do everything in the same time and on my own (low sugar + antifungals + stop the cortisone which gave me the thrush I assume)
    I had a major die-off (asthma crisis, lot of allergies, and confusion and became very anxious). I went to see him and he did not really understand it was the die-off that’s why he proposed me to take antidepressants. I stupidly took 3 for 3 days but felt extremely bad, had nightmares and thus stopped. He gave me some origan oil and probiotics by a lab called PILEJE (Lactobacillus helveticus LA401 candisis – 5 millions).

    My confusion was very important. I think instead of slowing down the process and the die-off the doctor in fact increased it. I don’t know what really happened but things were very bad. I did not know what to do. I was very confused and anxious.
    My parents took me to see the stupid doctor I spoke about earlier. Instead of reassuring me, he criticise my weight loose, told me things will end very bad I don’t take Prozac, he also told me that candida was garbage and everything was in my head. He did not even do a check up. It made me feel so much worst. He added more confusion in my mind. I was very lost, did not know who to believe or what to do. I stupidly took Prozac for 5 weeks. But i think you’ve guessed : it did not changed anything. Actually it made me feel worst. I’ve read somewhere that Prozac is even an antifungals and it was not necessary at all in my case.

    After 5 weeks I went back to my nutritionist/doctor and told him I wanted to stop the Prozac because it made things so much worst. He told me to hold on with the candida plan and to get ride of the Prozac first. During 2 months he just left me with the probiotics I mentioned before. Today it has been 7 weeks I stopped Prozac and I feel so much better. It’s a mess I know … So for several weeks i went off and on the diet.

    But the good new is : i don’t have a trush anymore and i don’t need to take cortisone since i don’t have asthma crisis anymore.

    – Two weeks ago my nutritionist gave me a treatment plan :

    Origan oil and grapefruit seeds for 2 weeks/month in alternance with white clay every morning and one probiotic ( which contains Bifidobacterium Lactis LA303 / Lactobacillus Acidopilus LA201 / Lactobacillus Plantarum LA301 / Lactobacillus Salivarius LA302/ Bifidobacterium lactis LA304)

    – I also decided on my own :
    * to do the candida diet (lots of veggies, millet, buckwheat, chicken, no fruits…)
    * to take milk thistle and to drink herbal tea (artichok, green anise, rosemary) to help with the toxins and to take coconuts oil on a daily basis and apple cidre vinegar

    I feel much butter, my fatigue as greatly diminished, i can focus more easily that’s why i take the chance to write here. I notice my typing speed is much faster since i’ve started this program. But I still feel like my blood is beating very fast in my body and especially in my head (that’s why i’ve so much trouble focusing and remembering things ?). I also have headaches for the first time. It never happened to me like this before. I’ve still a bad diarrhea. Is it the die off ?

    Thank you all for reading me and please excuse my bad english level.

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