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    I wanted to post my allergy results to see if anybody has experienced anything similar.
    I knew I had leaky gut but was unaware of certain allergies I had.

    Today I had an “Allergy Scratch Test”, this is where they jam 90 plastic “needles” in your back all with a different allergens.

    Turns out I’m VERY allergic to Dust mites, Rag Weed, Mustard, AND CHICKEN!!!!!

    This changes a big part of the plan for me.
    I have always eaten chicken at least 2-3 times a week since forever ago.
    This could be a big cause of a lot of symtpoms I’ve had for a while (Constipation, indigestion, stomach pains, etc.)

    Just wanted to share this information and note how important it is to get tested for allergies even if you think you don’t have any. I was completely oblivious Chicken and mustard may be causing so many issues for me.


    My Candida test (S-Candida Albicans Ab (IgG, IgM, IgA) is still pending till later this week.
    I will share these as well.


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    It bemuses me as to why my Homeopath would not see it as a mandatory thing to do before starting this recovery. It would of also save months of trial and error. Oh well, looks like I’m going to have to book one of these. Another chunk out of my wallet! Yipee!

    Good to hear you’ve identified these problem areas Danny, otherwise you might of been here alot longer than expected, lets hope not. Good luck with your recovery!



    Topics: 25
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    That’s my point exactly. A lot people may be allergic to 1 or more foods on the “Strict diet” list. That may cause you to abandon the diet even when you’ve never cheated. I have a follow up with my Doctor tomorrow to see if I may also be allergic to eggs, turkey, and other poultry.

    The best of luck to everybody and we all should post any note worthy experiences we have that may help some of the fellow forum members.

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