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    I feel like i’m almost symptom free.

    I rarely get the chronic fatigue & depression I was suffering with, my digestive system seems fine & hardly ever notice my dizziness (for which I’ve been tested & have a slight variation in my vestibular system from side to side). I’ve not picked up a cold since october (which considering almost everyone else I know has recently is a first) The only symptom that persists it the eczema on my hands, with which I am due to see a specialist next month.

    Foods I have re-introduced with success are:

    Almonds, Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds (always soaked overnight now).
    Swiss Water Decaf Organic Coffee.
    Lentils (in chicken dhansak curry)
    Some non GMO vegan protein powders (although rarely, because they taste like crap)

    I’ve always eaten a low carb diet so really the only high carb things I will introduce on a regular basis is a sweet potato & squash (& that will be cooked in coconut oil), I will also try organic tomato sauce in the next few months. Using buckwheat, swede (which I love now) & coconut flour pretty much fulfils my carb or bulk food needs.

    I’ve dropped my anti fungal regime to just eating 3-4 x tablespoons of coconut oil (usually in food per day), swede or brussel sprouts (depending on what days i exercise) & supplementing with black walnut extract.

    I still take multi vit, vit c & d3, magnesium, glutamine, l-carnitine & strong probiotic daily (& will carry on doing so, as I was before I started).

    I’m going to give it until the 12 month stage to actually try something I consider a real threat like ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake, pizza or alcohol.

    Funnily enough the thing I fear the most is caffeinated coffee, its the thing I found hardest to do without & craved the most because of the band aid effect on my fatigue. I will never get back to drinking 3-5 strong cups of expresso per day, but would like to think one in the morning or before exercise wouldn’t be detrimental to my adrenal health.

    One of the hardest things to cope with is the negative mindset you get into when coping with this, I really would like to say to anyone who is reading this & struggling with that side of it to do their best to think of the future and that it does improve if you stick to some rules on diet & looking after yourself. I almost lost my business coping with this, but feel in a much better place now to build it back up.

    Thanks to all on here that helped me.


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    Thanks for writing this up, Benc. I’ve added this post to the Testimonies page.

    Congratulations on your success.


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    Gives me some hope. I’m pretty depressed two months in. I have digestive issues am sinus infections that’s pretty much it. I’m so sick of it. Thanks to the forum, able, raster and the positive stories. Hopefully one day I’ll be having a success story. Eat some pizza for me lol


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    I’m very impressed to hear your progress Benc. I’m 9 months into this and am very far behind you. Well done 🙂


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    This was good to read. Congrats on being really consistent and seeing progress.
    I’m also 9 months in but have varied my diet (depending on which nutritionist has said what) and I’m not as far along as you. (OK, I’ve cheated a tad bit too – but hardly at all!)
    So I’m recommitting to the strict diet since I may have introduced some foods before I was ready. After all this time I keep coming back to Able’s diet as the right answer.
    I love to hear that people come out of this eventually. Thanks!


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    I consumed more meat than was suggested on the diet (although avoided beef & still have not eaten pork since), and from 6 months in had the odd curry with lentils (using buckwheat instead of rice).

    I didn’t find the diet too much of a problem as I consider it to be healthy, and before I started I would eat a low carb diet only consuming high carbs around exercise (often maltodextrin for recovery – although now I will never knowingly consume it or any other PWO junk that is readily sold).

    I never had clear cut candida symptoms though, nothing like white tongue or anything like that.

    My symptoms manifested in chronic spells of dizziness and were always after spells of eating too much sugar or alcohol, &/or higher levels of stress. It took 3 bad attacks (that put me off work for anything from 2-6 weeks) in 2 years for me to realise it was related to the stomach.

    Perhaps leaky gut was the biggest problem for me. As a child I had 3 asthma attacks that left me in intensive care, as a consequence the doctors used to give me antibiotics for absolutely anything & always tried to push the flu jabs on me, and it only took till my late twenties to realise how damaging this was for my health. I used to take NSAID’s for hangovers & any pain as well.

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