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    My symptoms started after a course of antibiotics, my second in three months. At first I was mystified by them – weird things happening in my ears and a feeling of being spaced out and out of myself – but then I realized that what really got them going was exposure to mould, whether ingested or in the environment, so I concluded that the problem was fungal, probably candida. I’m following the diet, though for domestic reasons I haven’t done a cleanse or a really strict phase 1, but I’m avoiding all the usual suspects, many of which give me instant reactions, and I’m taking a probiotic and GSE as well as the antifungals that were part of my diet anyway (ginger tea in the mornings, loads of garlic in salads made with organic cider vinegar, and now cooking with coconut oil).

    I’ve had a blood test but my doctor says the high levels of candida antibodies in my blood are probably historic, relating to past episodes of candida, and I don’t seem to have thrush, so I’m wondering if the basic problem is a mould allergy pure and simple, triggered by the antibiotics, without candida? When I realised that I was reacting to cheese, mushrooms, peanuts and some fruits I started checking my environment for mould and found it in both the flat I’m currently staying in and my workplace (a secondhand bookshop). I’ve succeeded in getting rid of most of it – though there are probably still lots of spores –
    and some of my symptoms seem to have eased off, and I’ve also found that when I’ve been away, especially if I’m near the sea, I get much better and can even eat forbidden foods without reacting. I know that candida can make one sensitive to mould, and my sensitivity before the antibiotics was limited to rhinitis and seasonal hay fever, but so far I haven’t been able to convince my doctors that I have candida. I’m seeing an ENT specialist in a couple of days but I imagine he’ll be sceptical too.

    One thing that seemed to confirm the candida theory is that after my first two doses of the probiotic the sense of spaciness and unreality cleared and I felt I was back to myself again. Has anyone else had a similar reaction?


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    Yes, I can relate to this, and I think the extreme sensitivity to external mold is because of the internal candida which gives a lot of toxins to the body. I will try enemas with nystatin and natural antifungals and I will post here any success. Indoor humidity must be low and ventilate your room with fresh air. Enemas i think is the only way to success. I had enough of this, almost 15 years and I am 32.

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