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    Ever since I developed this horrible disease I have been dealing with a lack of motivation. Mainly it feels like I prefer to be complacent, which was never my personality. When I stopped drinking coffee more than 2 months ago I have found it to be even worse to deal with. I am wondering if others also deal with this same problem.

    I always seem to feel my best work in terms of mental alertness at night vs in the morning. Before I started the diet I would just sleep and sleep if there was no alarm set, which is also something I never did before. At least now that I have been on this diet I awake naturally at around the same time pretty much every day, which I think most healthy people do.

    I really miss my incredible focus and motivation that I had. I noticed warm lemon water gives me a little more focus, but not much improvement in motivation. Does anyone have issues with motivation and if so, what do you do to improve things in this area?


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    I would check out trying acupuncture which can totally rock your world and make you feel rather normal…feeling good and motivation go hand in hand in my book.



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    You might want to add more vitamin C to your regimen. Vitamin C is a big energy booster.


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    Thanks for all of the recommendations on this one all. I think ultimately this beast caused Prostatitis so my hormones are messed up. That’s the ultimate reason for it IMO.

    Raster, I really need to give the acupuncture a try, because I have been told by several people they think it could help. So I think now I’ll finally try it. I just need to find someone who is not too expensive. What do you pay for 1 session?


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    kodaz2005;36712 wrote: Ever since I developed this horrible disease I have been dealing with a lack of motivation.

    Actually, a lack of motivation is one of the many symptoms of a Candida overgrowth. Below is a partial list of the symptoms of just the infestation itself; there can be other symptoms combined with these when you’re experiencing the die-off toxins, and many of the symptoms overlap. Headaches, for example, are a symptom of both the infestation and die-off. Keep in mind that any symptom can show up at any time during the infestation. Just because you didn’t have a specific symptom last month doesn’t mean you won’t have it next month.

    • headaches/migraines
    • mental confusion
    • inability to think clearly or concentrate
    • hyperactivity
    • mood swings
    • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
    • easily irritated
    • depression
    • attacks of anxiety or crying
    • poor memory
    • learning difficulties
    • panic attacks
    lack of motivation
    • unexplained fatigue
    • feeling mentally and physically drained
    • great difficulty losing weight
    • numbness, burning or tingling
    • insomnia
    • dizziness/vertigo
    • shaking or irritable when hungry
    • allergies
    • food sensitivity
    • leaky gut syndrome
    • spots in front of eyes
    • excessive tearing
    • burning in eyes
    • asthma
    • sinus inflammation
    • persistent cough
    • dry or sore throat
    • earaches /ear infections
    • itchy ears
    • low sex drive
    • endometriosis
    • infertility
    • impotence
    • muscle weakness /pain
    • lack of coordination
    • dizziness/loss of balance
    • adrenal fatigue
    • low body temperature
    • cold hands and feet
    • sluggish thyroid, but tests come back normal
    • athletes foot/ other fungal infections
    • sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, or other odors
    • acne
    • itching anus
    • eczema
    • rashes
    • hives


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    I found community acupuncture for 35$ a visit close by my house if u can find community it will b half price or less than private visits .

    Mine had me in separate room put the needless in after talking for a few mins about symptoms and went to someone else then came back 2 move needles around once or twice in 45 mins.

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