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    Baker yeast is a potent anti-pathogenic fungus. It protects against fungal pathogens.

    Researchers from the California Institute for Medical Research, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and Stanford University gave mice three injections of killed Saccharomyces (baker’s yeast), one week apart. Vaccinated mice were able to survive high doses of Aspergillus — the fungus that causes aspergillosis. Mice that survived also showed a reduced infection load in their organs.
    Aspergillosis is the leading fungal killer among immunocompromised individuals. It is an invasive infection that attacks the lungs, can disseminate to other organs, such as the brain, and can lead to kidney and liver failure. The disease currently has very high mortality as the current available therapy has a high failure rate.
    The research team used a simple yeast preparation as a vaccine against Aspergillus in mice. They found that unmodified yeast gave just as much protection against the development of aspergillosis as yeasts that had been engineered to display Aspergillus surface proteins. Dr. David A. Stevens, from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, in whose laboratory the studies were performed, said, “Our results suggest that the protective component of the yeast is in the cell wall. What’s more, the simple preparation we used has been shown by us to also protect against infection due to three other fungi that cause human disease — Candida, Cryptococcus and Coccidioides.”


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    Thanks Jorge-
    Have you read any studies on bacillus coagulans? I’ve been doing research and it seems promising. I tried it for 3 weeks and had amazing results. I plan to start it again but am always looking for more info.


    Topics: 283
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    This is another one :

    Saccharomyces as a vaccine against systemic candidiasis.
    Liu M1, Clemons KV, Johansen ME, Martinez M, Chen V, Stevens DA.
    Author information
    We have shown heat-killed Saccharomyces (HKY) is a protective vaccine against aspergillosis and coccidioidomycosis. To test the hypothesis that the efficacy of HKY- induced protection may be due to the cross-reactive antigens in the cell walls of the different fungi, we studied the effect of HKY against systemic candidiasis. Male CD-1 mice were given different regimens of HKY subcutaneously prior to intravenous challenge with Candida albicans. Compared to PBS controls, the administration of HKY (6 × 10(7)) 3, 4 or 6 times prolonged survival (all P < 0.05) and reduced fungal load in the kidney (all P < 0.05). An HKY dose of 1.2 × 10(8) given 4 times prolonged survival (P = 0.02), but showed dose-limiting toxicity. HKY given by an oral route, or by a subcutaneous route with alum as an adjuvant, did not improve survival. Overall, we found that HKY protects mice from infection by Candida albicans in a dose-and regimen-dependent manner. To understand the protection induced by HKY against different fungal species, additional studies of epitope mapping are warranted.

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