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    I have been taking candidate antifungals for about two weeks and already experiencing what might be a die-off symptoms. There are lot of symptoms possible but I have mostly experienced itching and rashing all over my place as well as dizziness. I learned molybdenum is great for detox so I started taking about 300-500mcg a day. It seemed to worked great and dizziness cleared up and seemed to releave itchiness. But when I continue taking, brain fog like symptoms are gone but itchiness keeps returning. Am I taking too much molybdenum or something else can be helpful for itchiness? Some areas of my skin is just big red spots because of scratching and I can hardly help.
    I wonder what is good for it. I also take milk tiskle once a day. Through my online research, molybdenum appears to be very good at clearing brain fog and as is the case seem to be but itchiness is getting better of me. Thanks for advice!


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    I am in the same trouble you are right now!

    I am swapping my rashes down with straight ACV (must use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother Stings a little for a little while but relief follows. I’d been dealing with itchy rashes for 10 years!!! Thinking it was Seborrheic Dermatitis!!

    Very long story but ‘Bull Dancer’s’ Seborrheic Dermatitis remedies helped what I now think was is Candida—And also taking a few baths of Salts per article from Bull Dancer on Curezone.
    Seborrheic Dermatitis Cures
    and also some of Hydrogen Peroxide baths had helped.

    I am sorry to say, ‘I can feel your itch!’
    Hope and Pray this helps you.

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