molybdenum rice chelate question as well as a couple others.

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    I have found molybdenum in my home town but the only type was rice chelated. I spent two weeks traveling all over the south west US and went in every vitamin/health food store to be told they did not sell molybdenum amino acid chelate. Can I use the rice chelate? I am taking something called Siliverin by Solaray – it contains milk thistle, turmeric and dandelion. Can anyone tell me what they think of this? I am not suffering much die off any more which makes me fear that in some way I could be feeding the candida without knowing it.
    My diet is eggs, a little chicken, some salmon, almonds, and then the approved vegetables from Raster and Able’s list, olive oil, coconut oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. (oh and I just tried feta cheese today) I try not to over eat and I am careful about getting everything organic if I can.
    I have been taking oral nystatin for just over two weeks and have started some probiotic capsules. The prescription for nystatin is over in another two weeks. I will start to rotate the suggested antifungals from the protocol then. Any other suggestions?


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    I can tell you if you are taking anti-fungals and probiotics with a candida infestation you will have die off even if you are feeding it.

    Have you tried looking at amazon for molybdenum amino acid chelate?

    Chicken and salmon should be eaten in moderation. Moreover Salmon should be wild caught and fresh. I have had a bad reaction from eating a lot of salmon. But each person is different. Your diet should be mostly greens and veggies on the allowed food list with meat only like 3 times a week. Its hard for me as I have always had meat with 90% of my meals.

    The almonds should be raw and soaked to insure that no mold is present.


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    Thank you for replying. I have had some troubles with the salmon, chicken and almonds since that last post. I think I need some more fats. I eat one or two avacados a day and put olive oil on all my salads. (which I have two a day) you will see my latest post asking for more suggestions if people have them.


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    I agree with what Marbro has stated; you can have die-off without feeling the effects of it. I am sure I still have “die-off” despite being on the diet 9 months.


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