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    hi there, i was wondering if anyone knows where to get molybdenum in canadda? i just ordered it from the vitamnin shoppe and the product itself was only 5.99 but the shipping was over 30 dollars beccause it has to come from the United States. if anybody knows where to get it in edmonton Alberta that would be really awesome beccause i live not too far from there.


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    Not sure where you are, but you can get Molybdenum in Canada. The issue that I found was that it was rice chelated and not amino acid chelated.

    I believe that this is readily available in Canada:

    I’m lucky that I live close enough to the US border to be able to go to the Vitamin Shoppe and pick stuff up.

    Your next concern is going to be the GSE (Grapefruit seed extract). It is not longer available in Ontario… it very well may be country wide. Apparently, it’s having trouble getting across the border because of new regulations….

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