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    Hey has any of you who started on Molybdenum noticed a hard time waking up. On top of this have had real strange dreams going on. This is not really a big deal, but for me, even coffee does not seem to help. I start to fall asleep wherever I’m sitting in the AM, but as the day rolls on it gets better. I started taking 2 ea. – 150mcg. and am thinking about going down to 1 ea. – 150mcg just to get away from having to drink coffee. Used to drink coffee all my life but decided to quit, and now don’t want to start again, but waking up is a bummer.


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    That’s a strange one, can’t say I’ve noticed that… having said that I only started on 1 and that was 5 weeks into my diet so maybe my energy stores were higher by then because I’d gotten used to the diet and what suited me energy-wise.

    I would have thought you should cut to 1 and let your system get used to that. It may well be a reaction/ die off issue to something else?

    As for the coffee – both the caffiene and mold will hinder your progress so it really would be good to stay away from it. I used to be a 3 mug a morning kinda girl… and thought I’d really miss it but don’t. Strange.


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    Depends what stage you’re at. It’s common to feel like that during the first few weeks while your metabolism adjusts to a low-carb diet, and probably as a result of die-off as well. Molybdenum is an important mineral, and most healthy people consume between 100-250mcg a day through food, so it seems highly unlikely that 300mcg extra would affect you in any noticeably negative way.


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    You guys are probably right. I think I just picked the molybdenum because its the strongest killer of yeast, or at least that’s what I’ve got from the forum. My body is probably, like you said, just trying to understand the low carbs it’s getting. Chelated Molybdenum is ok right?


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    I felt pretty tired the first 6 weeks on the diet and after that I started to wake up with a lot more energy.

    Molybdenum isn’t used for killing yeast as far as I know but works in other ways. Antifungals kill yeast(candida). Molybdenum is good for detoxing the dead candida.


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