Moisturising my skin seems to be what’s keeping my skin bad

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    Hi All!

    Would it be normal for me to say that my red patches on my skin (back of arms and forearms, back, ears, side of scalp, shins) seems to remain when it is constantly moisturised?

    I am 19 and have had the symptoms of Candida since I was very young. I did have meningitis which I now believe may be a key player in the cause of Candida overgrowth along with a bad diet as a kid. I now eat very healthy and go to the gym 4-5 times a week, so I have completely changed!

    My brain seems to be functioning better and I feel much better as a person after extremely cutting down sugar intake and taking loads of antifungals & probiotics, however my biggest issue is my skin, mostly the social side of it.

    My skin is very dry if I do not moisturise it, especially in the winter months, however after recently discovering there’s such thing as skin fungus that can form on any part of the skin, I feel like moisturising my skin is maintaining the environment for the skin issue to remain.

    My skin gets much better in the summer, however it does then have pigmentation where the red patches turn to white ‘untanned’ Skin?

    Anybody else had any similar experience they could share?

    Thanks everyone!


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