MMS (chlorine dioxide); Supposedly THE most powerful anti fungal out there

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    Don’t be discouraged by its name as some sort of miracle cure for everything, and please don’t listen to the FDA’s negative propaganda on this supplement. Big pharma can’t patent this stuff and tries to boycot it.

    Its basically 28% natrium chloride (=active ingredient in water purification tabs) + citric acid, which turns into chlorine dioxide, a powerful pathogen destroyer. It destroys all parasites, bad bacteria and fungi, while leaving the good stuff completely untouched.

    Please take a look at the science behind the compound and tell me what you guys think. (might be other websites that explain better)

    How it works

    I have tried it before for my severe candida and had some pretty amazing results while living on a not so strict diet: plenty of wheat, brown rice, cashews, some starched and some fruit. For three days I felled actually awake, which was like waking up after years of sleepwalking. It might have not been just the mms though as I was also taking massive amounts of Neem tree and spirulina capules. Anyway, 3 weeks in my diet now and struggling I have ordered MMS again to try it out. I plan on quitting all other anti fungals while on this to see what it does and hope to be reporting some good news soon.

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