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    Do any of the forum experts care to decipher this for us? I found it on curezone…

    MK-3118 tested against Candida


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    Basically, MK-3118 is another antifungal. The official definition would go something like this:

    An oral enfumafungin which, in vitro, exhibited very potent activity against both Candida and Aspergillus.
    An enfumafungin is one of the several triterpene glycosides which is a type of saponin.
    Saponin is a glycoside that is derived from glucose.

    But it’s much easier to understand if I just write, “It’s an antifungal.”


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    If a person was exposed to aspergillis and has yeast would this help better than other antifungals? My home had this mold and I lived there for 4 years before finding out plus developed yeast and now Sjogens auto-immune disorder. I’m still looking for answers due to mold


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    That antifungal is still in phase trial. It is the first oral version of the Echinocandins.
    When this antifungal generation came to the market, the pharma industry only made IV versions since the compound is non well absorbed by the gut lining, so it doesn’t act systemic. It looks like this Lab found the way to create one with a considerable absorption. This medicine probably will be available in 2015 or so.


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